Tolerate is le mot juste

Don’t ‘celebrate’ gay people, just accept us, says teacher at centre of schools row

Accept is reasonable, but I think tolerate is closer to the correct meaning. To accept Simon Cowell would be asking too much, toleration is about as liberal as I can get.

And yes, Mr. Cowell is a reasonable comparison for sexuality. Other peoples’ tastes are none of my damn business assuming that they’re not being offered directly to me to partake of, subject to the usual consenting adults only caveat.

7 thoughts on “Tolerate is le mot juste”

  1. Tl;dr – Gays vs Muslims – FIGHT!

    Muslims Win! Flawless Victory!

    In fact, LGBT+ equality is only a small part of No Outsiders, the equalities programme Moffat had pioneered at the 770-pupil school, where 23 nationalities are represented.

    What a shithole.

    The scheme included welcoming people of any race, colour or religion and those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, and introducing young children to the idea that there are many different types of families, including ones with two mummies or daddies.

    Tolerance and “welcoming” is to Islam what CND was to the KGB.

    “Spasiba for disarming yourselves, suckers!”

    Now his hope is for a generation of better informed and kinder young people who accept differences in society – even if they don’t always celebrate them.

    My advice is to stay away from tall buildings.

  2. I don’t accept that accept is the right word in this situation. I am however prepared to tolerate its use.

    there are many different types of families, including ones with two mummies or daddies

    Just two parents? Bordering on thoughtcrime.

  3. He has also moved to a new job, leaving his post as Parkfield’s assistant head

    Victory for the protestors. The entire article is just sugarcoating.

  4. For me your words are the wrong way round Tim.

    I accept gays and trannies etc for their existence, sexual and dress preferences etc.

    I don’t celebrate them, just as I don’t expect them to celebrate anything about me.

    And I don’t really tolerate them either – or at least the evangelicals and activists – because they are intolerant of people who in my view hold perfectly reasonable positions (given the context of their beliefs etc), such as the religiously devout.

  5. Agree. The current state compulsion to celebrate LGBTxyz irks hugely; allow peeps to accept, tolerate, discriminate, dislike, hate is the correct way and accept/tolerate was increasing until Activists, Gov, Plod & Courts started meddling, now accept/tolerate is decreasing

    A pub with a “No Gays” sign is no different from one with a “No Bikers” sign


    +1 you beat me to it

    Sane, sensible peeps writing on CW

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