Umm, well, no, not really

When 71% of young men are committing acts against their partners that would unambigously be recognised as criminal in any other context, it’s difficult to pretend that a taste for violent sex is not now mainstream.

All sex would be considered criminal in any other context, no?

16 thoughts on “Umm, well, no, not really”

  1. Like all of these bad percentages, the devil is in the details. Because along with things like choking and spitting, they lump slapping. Which includes giving a bird a playful slap on the arse as she’s going hammer and tongs on top.

  2. Its whining marx-fem cockrot.

    They love homos but analism is out –for the girlies. Choking & whatever–slapping her arse–Jesus Christ is this same sex reading 50 million copies of “Shades”..

    It boils down to –they want only what THEY want and anything else is just plain wrong.

  3. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    The sexual revolution was supposed to set us free.

    And it did, Ms. Louise Perry, you silly bimbo. But tearing down boundaries has a cost associated with it… that being that you might just not be able to erect new boundaries where you want them. Why that would come as a surprise to you is anybody’s guess.

  4. “Both these men seemed to be oblivious to the fact that, without a prostate, women are not physically equipped to enjoy anal sex in the same way that men do. The vast majority of women report than it is painful and the vast majority of men know this, but many pressure their partners into it regardless. For some men, it seems that the pain is the point, given the popularity of porn featuring aggressive anal penetration that leaves female performers with serious injuries.”

    Do it, don’t do it, it’s up to you. But if you want a man paying the bills, sorting out the spiders and enduring Les Miserables with you, maybe you need to consider returning the favour.

  5. I second Ecksy’s point. Lesbian feminists don’t enjoy sex with men and their solipsism means they are incapable of believing that any woman actually does. Therefore it must all be rape and outlawed.

  6. “Going hammer and tongs on top”

    Picturing that it is incredible that on the day when BoE bullied and blackmailed HSBC to cancel dividends I still seem to have a sense of humour.

  7. Naughty girls get spanked on the arse because they deserve it. Good girls because they’ve earned it.

  8. “…without a prostate, women are not physically equipped to enjoy anal sex in the same way that men do.”

    Errr…Without a penis, women are not physically equipped to enjoy sex in the same way that men do. Duh!

    That said, the anal sphincter can be an erogenous zone in both men and women. (I’ve had my prostate ‘milked’ medically – and pleasurable it wasn’t. So not for me.) As for women, the the neural structure of clitoris reaches back to the anus, which is only centimetres from the clitoral bud anyway.

    And someone should remind her that anal sex was once the only reliable contraceptive for women. IIRC, anal sex was the preferred method of contraception in Portugal until well into the 70s.

  9. ‘When 71% of young men are committing acts against their partners’

    Nope. Didn’t happen. Bullshit. “Begging the question” fallacy.

    You can get a stupid little survey to say whatever you want it to. Pushing it out as fact is journalism.

  10. @Gamecock. Personally I think the percentage comes pretty close to 95% of young males “acting against their partners”.

    At least…. by the definitions these wymin use. YMMV for normal people.
    After all, it’s not as if us blokes are the most “sensitive” beings around, especially in the age where we’re most definitely slaves to our hormones. So yeah…. No doubt most of us have made a faux-pas or two when we were still learning the ropes, and were so lucky to get to run all four bases.
    Of course, the Harridans would have any mistake a hamfisted young lad makes when learning to deal with the Other Half in Town as first degree rape….

  11. @Theo

    +1 imho anus has one use only: defecating

    Plenty of women enjoy anal sex and post online about it, ok their choice but not mine

    One GF wanted me to do it when period, I said No

    @Gamecock April 1, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    +1 Amazing how silent feminists are on RoPs

  12. Women wanted to scrap monogamy to chase attractive men. Multiple Cinderellas for each Prince Charming leads inevitably to a race to the bottom.

  13. I do wonder, like the journo, whether Sunday Sport/playboy/emanuelle vs rule 34 are the better primers for the adolescant novitiate into the world of sex. But, whatever she or i are worried about, i guess we’ll soon find out.

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