Vicious cocaine lord found

Police recovered a fake Brazilian passport, 100g of cannabis, 15 mobile phones and a car, as well as cash equivalent to about $800 (£633) in Mozambican and South African currency.

Wealthy man, eh?

5 thoughts on “Vicious cocaine lord found”

  1. A demonstration of “the wages of sin is death”–except you only have to look at the world’s political and bureaucratic vermin to know that aphorism is bullshit.

    Particularly pleased to hear that arrogant scum Sunak’s latest speech which = “Ruined–too bad matey–We(=I) got it right”.

    Watching his political collapse will be more enjoyable than Blojo’s –Johnson was getting a few thinks right tho’ mainly thanks to EU arrogance.

  2. One would have to ask, how much cash do you usually carry around as a shady international dodgy metals ogopolist? Even Brasileros have been known to use plastic.
    (If you’re interested, 100g of puff would cost you around £200 in Europe & is personal use quantity)

  3. Probably less. He’s a bright sujeito for somebody in this game. Apart from the moody passport, he’s essentially clean. No one with any sense is ever in proximity to either the merchandise or the money. If his lawyer’s any good, he may well walk away from it.

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