Richard Murphy says:
April 9 2020 at 10:09 am
Bizarrely (and I am sure much to the chagrin of Tim Worstall) at this moment I seem to have three professorships…but it won’t last

Visiting Professor is something a little different from Professor – as is Professor of Practice

Richard Murphy says:
April 9 2020 at 9:17 am
Indeed, and technically unpaid – this is zero hours in effect

I’m all in favour of a man being paid what he’s worth.

14 thoughts on “Well, mebbe”

  1. He’s just being used to hoover grant funding. Perhaps ESRC needs more scrutiny if it continues to allot money to a project involving Captain Potato for more than 3 weeks. Any bets how long these appointments will last? My bet is there is some probationary period and, at the end, he won’t be retained either because they have realised what a knob he is or because he has insulted everybody

  2. If the lockdown continues for another university term, how many of the places that appoint Captain Potato will fold? Does anyone know offhand how highly rated these places are? Just on the basis they are prepared to appoint a total moron and arsehole, they must be one star places, surely ?

  3. Dennis, He Who Has A Degree In Economics

    The fact that he isn’t being paid is direct confirmation of the validity of the efficient market hypothesis.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    But he is being paid, compensation comes in many forms. For him its the ego stroke of being allowed to refer to himself as “professor” and pretend it annoys Tim, and by extension, the rest of us on here.

  5. The Pedant-General

    “But he is being paid, compensation comes in many forms. ”

    But BiND, this is ALSO a proof of the EMH – the fact that the title is hugely valuable to him but largely worthless to the institution means that the trade happens 🙂

  6. University Schools of Management/Accounting/Business increasingly seem to be left-leaning.

  7. With Capt. Potato being the living embodyment of the devaluation of the honorary title, I wonder how many real professors simply don’t bother to use the title anymore.

  8. If you’re claiming to be a Professor, thrice even, but not paying professorial levels of taxation then that is tax abuse surely.

  9. He is a cunt. An awful, desperate, sad, lonely, angry, vindictive cunt. He’s managed to scrape some shit show professorship that means fuck all to anyone, oblivious to the fact that it won’t be long before he falls further into oblivion. The sad cunt.

  10. His blog is comical nonsense and I welcome it as a source of entertainment. The fact he is allowed to speak to and influence students is deeply troubling. Shame on the universities who might employ this crackpot fringe fantasist.

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