Well Wesley, it’s like this, d’ye see?

Can The Liberal World Order Survive Another Four Years of Trump?
Probably not. Here’s why.

Somewhere around half, near enough that plurality necessary, would vote for Trump, warts and all, if it did mean the end of the liberal world order. And probably will in the hope that it does.

20 thoughts on “Well Wesley, it’s like this, d’ye see?”

  1. Ah… So the “Liberal World Order” = The US tells us non-USians what to think and do.

    Carry on then…

  2. ‘we’re a nonprofit media organization and rely on the support of our readers.’

    Nonprofit is a result.

    ‘In return for a contribution of $50 or more, you’ll receive a complimentary one-year subscription to our print edition.’

    You can fool some of the people . . . . Fifty bucks; complimentary. In same sentence.

    I hope these partisan hacks don’t get tax breaks by calling themselves nonprofit.

    Trump, the perpetual executive manager, noticed NATO members weren’t paying their fair share. He demands they do. EU makes noises it wants a military. K. U.S. can get out then.

    ‘For more than 70 years the United States has maintained its powerful grip on western Europe.’

    Huh? The US has a grip on western Europe? Who knew?

  3. Giving the levels of Trump derangement in the media imagine what it will be like when he doesn’t have to care about relecection and can really troll them

  4. we’re a nonprofit media organization and rely on the support of our readers.’

    Non-profit – they take all of the income in huge salaries, while pretending to be non-partisan and motivated by the interests of others.

  5. The liberal world order is barely surviving Trump. I suspect coronavirus may be the final nail in the coffin. Whatever the outcome, a pandemic is a firmly conservative thing: stay home, keep strangers at arms’ length, be suspicious of others.

  6. “After his reelection, President Trump is likely to gut NATO of its significance. Expect policy changes by tweet. Russia will no longer be seen as a threat.”

    Russia isn’t a threat. Agricultural land is no longer worth the blood and treasure, and Putin and his pals make loads of money selling gas to Europe, and which Russia uses to buy goods. Going to war would mean the money from that would stop very quickly.

    Putin’s a gangster, like the leaders of most countries sitting on oil. You use some violence to stay in that position. But he isn’t a lunatic.

  7. Russia would like to readsorb the Ukraine and Belarus though.

    The Baltics too, if they had a shot.

    Just for the prestige of feeling like they were powerful again. It would be lunacy, because the populace would rebel constantly, but a lot of Russians really believe that they *deserve* to rule them.

  8. Wesley witters on about Trump will de-fund Military – Trump has massively increased Military budgets; Obama did opposite. Obama also returned virtually all USN to home ports

    Wesley Clark is a liar




    +1 only threat Russia has is nukes and Putin not likely to use on West


    Cold and calculating. Putin’s Russia is not a military threat to West

  9. “Putin might not be a lunatic, but he is one fucking cold ex-KGB killer.”

    Oil states are like running a drug gang. Everyone is trying to kill you and take over the turf. Someone who stays in the job for many years is going to be like that.

  10. Chaps, thinking caps on time:

    Jones AV pledges 10K prize for COVID-19 face mask design competition

    If you want to collaborate
    COVID-19: Clevertouch announces tools to make life easier in lockdown

    Once you’ve done that, drive-in foolball:
    COVID-19-safe football drive-in to open for Superliga fans

  11. NFL draft got my juices flowing. 4 Gamecocks picked. Couple more signed as free agents (post draft).

    Preseason scheduled for August. Regular season starts in September. I HOPE THEY CAN PLAY!

    College ball, too.

  12. They are already looking at trying to salvage some of the season for NHL by having a couple of dedicated rinks and playing all playoff games in them, seen same suggestion about baseball with all teams playing out of one stadium (Arizona and/or Florida)
    Other sports are looking into getting some revenue as well, UK govt is meeting with sports authorities to figure something out for UK. Would be very surprised with the money involved to see NFL not going ahead even if it’s in empty stadiums.
    The disruption to qualifiers screwed up the Olympics but because the media painted it as Covid safety it’s going to look like an odd decision come August.
    Worth noting there’s an interesting article on hector Drummond blog about Covid and geographic latitude and population ages that statistically supports the idea that like flu we will see a seasonal die down

  13. True, Ummmm. U.S. is starting to open back up. We’ll see the result in the next few weeks. Hopefully, by 1 June it will be no BFD, and life can resume unrestricted.

    We won’t know for a few weeks. Fingers crossed. Touch wood.

  14. Americans say “knock on wood.” A Brit ex-pat friend of mine says “touch wood.” With her heavy accent, I never thought to challenge her Britness.

  15. On Torchwood, have you noticed how Barrowman uses an American accent in England and a Scots one in Jockoland?

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