Well, yes, etc and, but….

Has Parliament actually passed a law insisting upon this form of internal passport?

A police force is threatening to fine visitors who enter the county as they warn the public to stay at home during the Easter bank holiday.

Devon and Cornwall police chiefs warned holidaymakers and second home owners caught travelling to the South West for the Easter weekend will be fined and refused entry because of the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Chief Superintendent Ian Drummond-Smith, police commander for Cornwall, said: “Our officers will be patrolling this weekend, firstly on the M5 and A30 in an attempt to prevent visitors from entering the force area, and then locally to enforce the restrictions.

“We will do so in a fair and balanced manner, but travelling down to the West country is a serious breach of these restrictions and those doing so can expect to receive a fine.”

Legally inclined minds would like to know….for this is what it is, an internal passport, like the Soviet propiska.

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  1. Under the new law, popping down to Devon for the weekend is definitely unnecessary travel. If the new law allows them to fine people for unnecessary travel then they can do this. I am not sure what provision there is for fines. I suspect the natives down there will be very supportive of Plod trying to keep out virus-carrying London types.

    It all seems a bit pointless though, considering you can still fly from China or Spain or Italy to the UK. Still plenty of Londoners milling around too I understand.

  2. Same same. As of 2pm local time (an hour from now) Pattaya is closed to non residents.

    No physical passport required in the UK of course as your driver’s license has your home address.

  3. Plod needs to be punished.

    Start by cancelling the Tory gas point about 20,00 more of the useless bastards. And follow up by flushing the “everyone a graduate” via Treason May.

    No surprise that Treason Fucking May fixed the law so that anyone gainsaying Plod can expect even more aggro from the “law”. Crimebodge has a vid in his back catalogue re that as well.


    “I am prosecuting…” is the place to start and “These dirty cops…” is another eye-opener.

    They are of little use against real crime and indeed brazenly declare that with their public announcements of all the crimes they don’t dain to involve themselves with any more.

    The account Crimebodge gives in his “I am Prosecuting…” vid is deserving of support. I am putting cash in –perhaps some of you might like to.

  4. If you have a home there (2nd?, what’s that, it’s still a home), then how can going to your home be automatically inessential. If you regularly go there, and the water is on, the heating comes on, and various stuff (garden maintenance etc), it needs to be visited / checked on and more. It may in fact be essential, at least in your eyes, and without a legal definition then who is to dictate.

    The whole fucking point of this is to isolate. You can isolate just as easily at whatever home you happen to be in.

    Whilst perhaps sympathising with the yokels when it comes to supermarkets etc, there is nothing to stop people taking supplies with them as needed. If it was me, I would want to do that anyway if travelling in the current climate.

    It’s no different to those imbeciles who were criticising others for sun bathing or otherwise getting some fresh air whilst fully isolating (and perhaps otherwise cooped up in a high density central London flat or whatever).

    Boris royally screwed up by allowing all number of shitty little authoritarians this sort of leeway.

  5. Apparently the Grauniad are reporting that some PCCs want to make us prove our reasonableness rather than them having to prove our unreasonableness! So if we are caught in our car we have to prove that we need to be in it rather than them prove that we don’t! Bit of a concern if true

  6. ” Let’s toss a bumper down our throat
    Before we pass to heaven,
    And toast: “The trim-set petticoat
    We leave behind in Devon.”

  7. I bet Travellers (the ones who claim it as an ethnicity) will be free to go about their unlawful business

  8. And just following up on the 2nd home point? Plod stops you on the A30 and asks you what you are doing. “Going home, officer, we had some essential meetings we were asked to attend, and due to this virus we were forced to take some essential supplies with us whilst we otherwise self isolated in a flat whilst away. Bloody nuisance, huh, glad to be heading safely back home.”

  9. With planes still arriving from abroad, and the call yesterday from some far-Left body, sorry Public Health organisation, to release 15,000 prisoners, we are in the Progressive dreamland: ordinary citizens confined to home under strict conditions, but foreigners still allowed to enter and criminals freed.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Apparently the Grauniad are reporting that some PCCs want to make us prove our reasonableness rather than them having to prove our unreasonableness! So if we are caught in our car we have to prove that we need to be in it rather than them prove that we don’t! Bit of a concern if true

    PCCs were meant to be our protection against an over zealous plod, not only have they been neutered by plod making everything “operational” they’ve become cheerleaders for the prodnoses.

    God help us if they get their way and we have to have corona virus passports to be able to move around freely, the Gestapo will look pleasant by comparison.

  11. “We will do so in a fair and balanced manner…”

    *hollow laughter*

    Yes, of course you will, plod. You’re known for that…

    And, what anona said. And Rob.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    And we need a special, vindictive, punishment for anyone who can be shown to have pushed the government in to this lockdown and is caught flouting it. It should be especially viscous for anyone in the MSM who called for the lockdown.

  13. I am one of those Devon/Cornwall yokels. I hate the idea of the police getting new “papers please” powers, but I wish all the holiday makers would stay at home this Easter. Its hard enough going to the supermarket and chemist and maintaining 2m separation with the current population. Everywhere is usually teeming on a sunny bank holiday weekend.

    On a practical matter, plod wouldn’t need to see your passport, your accent would probably do it. You can hear the emmets a mile away.

  14. rjb

    Why not just do all that supermarket stuff during the week when they aren’t there, like you normally would? The emmets will all be gone by Tuesday? And in the meantime get lorry loads of Corona beers in to sell at inflated prices from your garden stall as they walk past you to get to the beach. And tell plod to get the fuck off the A30….

  15. It’s not so much about their spreading the ‘London disease’ or our lack of medical cover here in the sticks, nor the strain on food supplies given we’re end of the line for resupply. It’s more the ingratiating smiles and effusive (guilty) greetings…those Nancy-boy man buns.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    Never heard it called that before, but I remember all the discussions about pass laws during the apartheid era.

  17. When my family first moved to SA in the late 60s there was even a curfew and Black people had to be off the streets by 9pm.

  18. Longrider–It is a good channel for keeping up with Plod . Esp the way they ensure they get away with their capers.

  19. Just how many people will be going anywhere just for the holiday weekend? There are no hotels open. If you have a second home then: you are not poor, you probably have the sort of job that will continue to pay while working from home, so why would you only now be going to your out-of-the-city home? City people go to the country during the plague, a very old and often retold story.

  20. In Daniel Dafoe’s Journal of the Plague Year there is some discussion of the efforts of people living in the country to keep Londoners fleeting the plague away from their villages. (In fairness, there is also discussion of the kindness of country people in their treatment of Londoners camped outside their villages once they determined they were not infected). It’s remarkable how much of the book could be taken from this morning’s news; less has changed in 400 years than one would think.

    Realistically, though, how can you implement a progressive society without internal passports? Is there any other way to stop people voting with their feet?

  21. Bloke in North Dorset

    And bow the CC of Northampton police is threatening to go in to supermarkets to check people are only buying essentials and wine isn’t one of those essentials in his book, despite off licences being allowed to stay open.

  22. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yes, but we all saw his lips moving and it gives us a clue as to how his mind works.

  23. BiND

    I thought the DT must have misreported him, it was so obviously and completely fuckshit crazy. If true, then I guess you have to add the cretin to the list that includes Derby (of Peak fame), and Devon (we’ll shut the A30 unless your accent passes muster) as those that are 100% away with the bloody fairies, among others, I’m guessing the list is growing?

    I’m no fan of bobbies being over promoted to CC simply on the basis of successfully shooting helpless South American electricians because they are darkies (and therefore obviously terrorists), but Muz Dick may appear (at least so far) to be succeeding in not falling into the some of the more obvious traps being laid. Although wasn’t that park (Brockhurst or something) under her remit.

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