Well, yes I rather guess it is

The leading light of the young Democratic left has said that it is “legitimate” to discuss an allegation of sexual assault against Joe Biden, threatening the party’s efforts to unite before the presidential election in November.

Free speech means it’s legitimate to talk about any part of the passing scene.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that “silencing of all dissent is a form of gaslighting”

Ah, of course, given that it’s AOC there’s a “but” here. It’s legitimate because reasons rather than just well, it’s legitimate, see? The problem with the first justification being that it’s just as easy to turn around and say that the reasons mean it’s not legitimate….

12 thoughts on “Well, yes I rather guess it is”

  1. “Silencing of all dissent is a form of gaslighting.”
    No it isn’t.
    Go back to sniffing lampposts, AOC.

  2. There’s more evidence against Joe Biden than there ever was against Brett Kavanaugh and yet Democrats, and their media lapdogs, put on a whole outrage circus at the confirmation hearings.
    It seems allegations are only worth taking seriously if they’re against a conservative.

  3. Good grief! The man sexually assaulted that? It’s not he’s morals need questioning, it’s his judgement

  4. @ BiS I checked… 1993 version is a lot more pleasing to the eye.. Gloria-Estefan-in-her-prime-ish.

    Look kids.. This is what a steady diet of Maccas does to you… 😉

  5. Also, I feel oppressed. She has many more syllables to her name than do I to mine.

    I demand equality.

  6. @Edward Lud

    AOC’s puppet masters have put her back in box. Remember, she was one of many Auditioned for role of Dem candidate

    When she has no scripted words she’s as silent as St “Ask someone else” Greta

  7. Interesting to compare the writing off of claims with the assertion that he was just a touchy-feely type who didn’t mean anything by it and he’s learnt the lesson of #meetoo. Some of the charges brought against Alex Salmond were in line with accusations against Biden for hugging and kissing, goes to show it depends on who your enemies are and how is really out to get you.
    Also note the use of accuser in this case vs victim in other cases.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if the entire thing is internally concocted to back him into having a female running mate.

  8. The problem with the first justification being that it’s just as easy to turn around and say that the reasons mean it’s not legitimate….

    That’s a feature, not a bug.

    One rule for me, one for thee.

  9. I’m shocked by how little coverage this has received compared to the Christine Blasey Ford case. Sometimes I think the ‘MSM bias’ thing gets a bit overblown, but then you get this omerta and it makes it plain as day.

    I really feel sorry for Justice Roberts because he appears to have far more ethical credibility in his life than Biden and his clan. And the allegations he faced appear to be far less credible than those against Biden (I happen to think both accusations are so historical as to be barely relevant, for what it’s worth).

    Mind you I’m also shocked that the Dems couldn’t pick better candidates… Whatever his qualities are, or were, Biden is now clearly senile, there is a clear sniff of corruption surrounding him and his family, and he isn’t even all that convincing in terms of popularity amongst his own base.

  10. @Oblong – Then again Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is trying to get elected to a position for a 4 year term (maximum of 8) for which he could be removed for various reasons (like suffering from dementia)

    A Supreme Court Justice is effectively an appointment for the remainder of his natural life or until he chooses to retire and for which impeachment is virtually unheard of, even Samuel Chase ultimately survived has impeachment as an associate justice of the Supreme Court in 1805. Given that, the greater scrutiny of an appointee to the Supreme Court is justified

    Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh (NOT Chief Justice Roberts) were errant nonsense that had no justification being taken seriously within the nomination process and the only reason they weren’t ignored was the political classes Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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