Well, yes, obviously

We have a state run health care system:

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has been forced to deny explosive claims by a civil servant at the top of government that ministers made a ‘political decision’ to opt out of an EU scheme to bulk-buy ventilators and protective equipment for NHS workers.

As a state run system it is politicians who make the decisions. All decision will therefore be political ones.

You want a system – any system – not subject to political decisions then you’ll need for it to be a non-state system not run by politicians, won’t you?

18 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously”

  1. Has this EU scheme managed to acquire anything useful and deliver it to the nations in need? Footage of people on the floors of Spanish hospitals suggests this scheme isn’t working too well.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s something weird about this story. The PUS at the FCO has written an apology saying he was wrong and the FCO fucked up.

  3. No doubt the “explosive claims” will be all over the bbc and grauniad, but the “Oops, we were wrong” will be nowhere to be found.

  4. BiND

    As usual the lie is already halfway round the world or to put it another way is still the lead story on the bbc news website.

  5. Why would have needed to join an EU scheme when our own industry is perfectly capable of making ventilators, this was known from day one, with companies like Dyson and McLaren getting wide publicity for it.

    The “political decision” was to distance our reliance on the EU, that was confirmed in last years election.

  6. Odd that the German Army sent 6 mobile ventilators to the UK and none ton the EU scheme. Or not odd, given the established efficiency of all things EU.

  7. According to order-order.com, the EU scheme has, so far, failed to deliver anything to any member state.

    What’s the betting that the FCO mandarin is a fanatical “remainer” and was just agitating the excrement.

  8. Civil servants are to be seen and not heard. Their immunity from criticism is dependent on keeping their fat traps shut. Sack the fucker.

  9. It is reported that this scheme will take 4 months to provide PPE/ventilators. By then this will be winding down.

  10. “What’s the betting that the FCO mandarin is a fanatical “remainer” and was just agitating the excrement.”

    I’ve said it here before, I suspect that a non-zero proportion of the delays the NHS/Civil Service are ‘experiencing’ in this crisis is down to individuals (at every level of the organisations) not wanting to help a Tory government. And not being prepared to ‘get things done’, and instead working on a ‘rules is rules’ principle.

    We know that a great deal of the Left are batshit insane, and we know they infest the entire State apparatus. The idea that people with those sort of views are suddenly going to drop everything and put their hands to the wheel to help ‘The New Hitler’ Boris is laughable.

  11. Latest report is that NHS has 10,000 ventilators of which 3,000 are not being used and British companies are manufacturing and supplying another 1,500 per week but the EU initiative has produced zero.
    So the correct answer is that “We missed joining the scheme due to the incompetence of the EU bureaucrats who couldn’t even send me an invitation to join it, but that is just as well because we got on with it and acquired thousands of ventilators before the EU scheme produced a single one. Now do you have a follow-up question Sir Keir?”

  12. I’m old enough to remember the truthiness of the trope “with a Tory government you get a Tory civil service, with a Labour government you get a Tory civil service”. I don’t know when I blinked and it flipped over.

  13. At the same meeting Sir Simon stated that there were no plans to reconsider the Huawei involvement in our 5G networks.

    He makes Sir Humphrey appear modest by comparison.

  14. Apparently the EU scheme is looking to sign contracts soon, so could argue they haven’t even placed a firm order yet and as we are seeing in other areas delivery dates are worthless right now.
    Canada has had planes return empty from China despite the media commending the govts efforts to use local contacts to secure orders for Canada (and screaming about the Americans doing the same) and other deliveries have been a fraction of what was promised. Britain seems to be having similar issues with Turkey and sending RAF flights out to come back half full.

  15. EU scheme to bulk-buy ventilators and protective equipment for NHS workers

    1. ventilators have proved to be next to useless and 10,000s now surplus; F1-Mercedes CPAP more beneficial

    2. We saw how that worked: France commandeered (stole) the truck loads of face-masks heading to UK in February/March

    “Quite why, after all these millennia of working out how things do work, they’ve still not got it is uncertain. Perhaps it’s the garlic in the diet, it clouds the mental facilities or something?” – TW

    Would explain why UK has become increasingly stupid too. I’m with EIIR and hate garlic

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