What an appalling crime

Until now, José Carlos Bergantiños Diaz had remained mum, refusing to reveal the story behind the audacious $80 fraud

How audacious do you have to be to scam eighty bucks?

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  1. Off topic but Spud is worried about students…..

    “But what really annoys me is that they aren’t even taught how to write essays – which I have seen time and again at university

    Basic writing skills are the building block of most advancement and yet young people don’t have them”

  2. “Remained mum”? More trannie stuff? For those of us with English as a first language it’s kept mum.*

    Possibly because both to keep & mum originate in middle english.

  3. It’s a long time ago now but I remember doing quite a lot of red-penning of reports & memos written by people who worked for me. I got a bit of a reputation as a grammar nazi. But if you are writing stuff that will last & likely be referred to in future, then the effort should be made. It was just sad that this wasn’t inculcated at school any more.

    Emails and discourses like this, then anything goes – speech idioms, slang, neologisms – kine problemo…

  4. My father used to enrage peeps in the civil service. He was running some part of the Trident engineering system out of Foxhill in Bath. There’s a manual for how reports should be written. Partly grammar nazi stuff but also about structure, logic, citing of evidence and so on. He’d look at a report coming in to him and do the grammar nazi bit. And send it back if it didn’t accord with the manual.

    Not because he was a grammar nazi – although, to be fair, he was, more than a bit – , but on the Brown M&M principle.

    Took a bit of time for people to catch up with the idea but they did get there in the end.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    TG – kine problemo Is that an oblique reference to nice Prof Ferguson’s track record on FMD?

  6. We were taught report writing in FIRST YEAR of secondary school, it was basic foundational Science stuff. And then in fourth year Technology writing up stuff with technical diagrams, and O level computer science in Sixth Form writing up code documentation and user instructions. I pulled out my Technology Final Report the other day, the hand-drawn diagrams are so beautiful I could weep, I doubt I could draft to that quality by hand today.

  7. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Long, long ago, I was a junior manager in the Civil Service.

    First day on the job, there landed on my desk a copy of Sir Ernest Gowers’ “Plain Words”.

    Along with Orwell’s Essays, that book has helped my writing style ever since.

  8. I had a couple of Professors in my office and was explaining that I wasted a lot of time because I had to proofread reports as well as peer review them.

    I told them that it was all their bloody fault because they didn’t insist on all assignments being written to a technical report standard as I was required to do when at uni. If I remember correctly, 5% of marks were set aside for the quality of the report.

    The professor who is a friend later told me that they cannot insist on high standards of writing because so many students are international students with a poor standard of English. That is why group assignments are so popular, one native English speaker and the rest international students. The natives know that they can expect to pretty much write up and present the whole assignment. If they do get anything from the internationals, they’re required to do a massive rewrite to avoid expulsion for plagiarism. No great surprise that students from the country that feels no compunction about stealing IP should think plagiarising other people’s work is okay.

    By contrast, our youngest daughter, who spent her entire school career at the one private school, knew the meaning of plagiarism and how to reference sources when in primary school.

  9. Y’know… I always liked the art forgery shenanigans….

    It’s a special kind of Schadenfreude you get when someone pulls a quick one over the Art Experts in what is one of the most …overvalued… businesses in the world.
    And a forger needs actual skill, whereas most of the “Experts”….

  10. @Andrew C

    imo Spud used too many words
    “But what really annoys me is that they aren’t even taught” is sufficient

    Spud’s buddy Blair to blame by abolishing “Pupil”

    Pupil is taught by a teacher
    Student learns, assisted by tutor


    We were taught ‘comprehension’ from P5: analysing a piece of text and writing a short essay on question(s) about text

    “I doubt I could draft to that quality by hand today” – that hits me too when I read an old report and think ‘wow, great’ then at end is my name


    Degree & MBA I did required furrins to pass an EaSL exam prior to acceptance, I assumed that was normal. Is it not?

    Mrs Pcar is Swedish and all her lectures and textbooks at Malmo Dentistry School were English

    Oh, and they were treated as Pupils, not Students – I popped in to collect her assignment results and lecturer and pupils aghast when I took hers once in pigeon hole. Seemingly one waits until lecturer/secretary has done all


    +1 Appreciate the painting, not the name

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