Who could she, possibly, be talking about?

Princess Anne has warned that the younger generation of the Royal Family should not always try to “reinvent the wheel”, saying they must not forget the basics of service in their drive for doing it a “new way”.

The Princess Royal, who undertook more than 500 engagements last year, suggested the younger generation were continually seeking new ways to work, rather than looking back to what had been done successfully already.

As there are no young royals not already doing this I can’t for the life of me think who this might be about.

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  1. The Princess Royal, who undertook more than 500 engagements last year

    This is the key isn’t it? Neither Meghan nor the Ginger Cuck has the appetite for this workload. They’d break down within the first 2 months. Their ideal ‘new way’ would have involved a minimal workload, featuring more celebs than plebs, being exaggerated by the PR team.

  2. This Covid19 business has fucked H&M’s plans hasn’t it? They even had to cancel a giant celeb packed party in LA for Archie’s 1st birthday. For shame! Their irrelevance has taken on a new level in the post CV19 world. You’d need a heart of stone……

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    The Princess Royal, who undertook more than 500 engagements last year

    And most of those carried out without any fanfare and social media PR blitzes. Its partly why the Royal Family is tolerated by many of us who aren’t staunch Royalists or Republicans, most do a good job by bringing joy and comfort to a lot of people without the need to make it about themselves and what they can get out of it.

  4. I’m no Royalist but, fair play- ten engagements every week on average?
    Can that be true? Seems to be going some, allowing for weekends, holidays etc.
    But, as I say-fair play to the woman if true.

  5. What’s also impressive about that is that she is now 69. OK, brother to the current heir, hence not a minor royal, but all the same, yes, fair play indeed.

  6. I’ve met both Anne and Edward at events. Credit to both of them for turning up to such dreary gatherings, but Edward in particular was outstanding. Keen, bouncy, aware, and taking great care to listen to everyone involved. He changed my attitude to the Royals.

  7. John Wilkinson: ” ten engagements every week on average? Can that be true? ”

    Yup, morning and afternoon event, every working day. Quite often weekends as well.
    I believe most, if not all of the western-european run on that mould: the monarch does the ruling ( already a full agenda, if you dive into that.. ) and the Important Events (like state visits and Big National Things) , brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces of the monarch do the ribbon-cutting, handshaking, and quite often forgotten : diplomatic work.

    Especially the diplomatic function of The Offspring is quite often forgotten. And also quite often where the real value of the whole Royal Family is hidden. It is a PR machine. And a very effective one if done well.
    It may be bullshit, but it’s Official Bullshit, that’s internationally recognised.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    If their in a city they’ll often cram in 4 of 5 events in a day. Cut a ribbon, visit a hospital, meet the Mayor, cut another ribbon go to a grand dinner, sort of thing.

    I don’t know if she still does it but Anne is also Colonel-in-Chief of a number of corps and regiments and if there’s any of those troops in an area she tries to visit them. That could quickly become 3 events as she visits various messes or organisations eg wive’s club and maybe present a medal or 2.

  9. Hmm, let me think… got it

    It’s Harry’s latest tirade:

    – “UK Gov isn’t doing enough for autistic/mental children during Covid-19 pandemic”

    Is he talking about himself? He abandoned UK then abandoned Canada. Petulant twats, sooner msm ignore them & EIIR removes Dukedom the better

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