Who doesn’t look forward to this?

My own contribution, which I am in effect already working on is to think about Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) for which the website is already registered: the whole of tax and its role in society has to be rethought after this crisis.

The website is registered. We are saved!

47 thoughts on “Who doesn’t look forward to this?”

  1. FMR (Fuck Me Ragged)

    He does love his MUAs (Made up Abbreviations) as if it’s Giving Lunatic Ideas Legitimacy (GLIL).

    In fact it just makes him look like a PLC (Pompous Little Cunt).

    In fact that should be his new company. Spud PLC.

  2. What tax? Corporate tax base surely screwed for this year and possibly a couple of years to come as losses are carried forward?

  3. Will the brave new world have a place for Country by Country Reporting and the Fair Tax Mark? The suspense is killing.

  4. Jussi

    I remember being entertained. Since then the Wuhan/CCP virus has destroyed my income and given me time for pickling onions. I remember recommending it to my kids. Libertarian as you would expect.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    @Andrew C – Yes to the MUAs. As luck would have on another thread this morning I described him as PUSI (puffed-up and self-important).

    He will probably be making a big play for Anneliese Dodds in short order so look forward to the tuberous tongue ferreting out a callipygian berth.

  6. @ Arthur the Cat. So people can’t pre-tag it as a malignant site? 😉

    But honestly let him… He’ll have to compete for google rating against a fair number of Taxivist/crackpot sites by the look of it using that specific angle and name.
    He thinks he’s original, but 15 seconds of googling proves him dead wrong….. again….

  7. Another Murphy sockpuppet to front grant applications to enable him to cut and paste his previous work under a new name.

    It is bad enough to see people using the coronavirus crisis to push their own agenda but even worse to see someone using it as an excuse to fill their bank account.

  8. No change to his tax plan:

    Kill the rich; take their stuff.

    I for one think his having a registered website makes him rich. Poor people don’t have registered websites.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    No, but I have heard him discussing it, IEA podcast. You could listen before buying.

  10. OT: Boris in ICU 🙁 Not too chuffed about any of the possible replacements. Hancock has turned into a gauleiter, and I wouldn’t trust Gove as far as I could throw a neutron star. Raab probably about the best of a bad bunch.

  11. And there was me worrying needlessly about the future of taxation in the uk , but lo and behold his tuberousnous waddles to the rescue. Me I’m just hoping HMRC gets my tax code right for the first time since 2013. So far no fucking luck.

    Bad news about Boris no doubt the vermin on the left will display their vileness . Get well soon Boris. I see that the labour party are trying to provide some humour in these trying times by having David Lammy in the cabinet

  12. Johnson in ICU? Something not right here–given that it isn’t that dangerous- v odd that Johnson just happens to be succeptable. Very odd indeed.

  13. There as an unconfirmed rumour that he had pneumonia as a child, can cause scarring/damage to lungs that make you more susceptible to respiratory diseases in the future.
    Going to make for some interesting PMQ exchanges in the future when Sir Keir tries to blame him for the current situation

  14. @Tractor Gent

    Questions We Can Answer

    Should we ban Matt Hancock?

    Yesterday Health Secretary Matt Hancock proposed banning exercise outside as a ‘small minority’ continue to ‘break the rules’.

    This would be a form of collective punishment on the entire population and a clear breach of international law.

    In face of public disbelief and anger the officious minister appears to have retracted on this last of his disgraceful suggestions. But should he and his inhumane threats of punishment be locked down altogether?…


    Your updated guide to Hancock’s Half-Cocked Crisis

    Many people still do not fully understand this crisis, and amid continued silence from Meghan and Harry, and a surprising lack of assistance from Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant, there seems little prospect of achieving clarity in the near future.

    I hope this updated guidance will help the chronically bewildered.

    May I still go to the park?

    Unaccountably, some people have failed to respond to Mr Hancock’s smack of firm government. They are sunbathing. Somewhere on the south coast there was a barbecue on a beach. These actions severely undermine the lockdown, which is the only way to guard the nation’s health. As a result, unfortunately, tighter restrictions may be necessary, and you will no longer be allowed out of your front door…

    Hancock: chinless wonder who talks cockrot. He’s been floundering & useless on BBC QT last few weeks, never rebutts Left which implies they’re correct

    Be willing to die to save the NHS

    A GP surgery in South Wales has apologised for a letter sent to patients with serious health conditions asking them to complete a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ form in case their conditions deteriorated due to coronavirus.

    The letter from Llynfi Surgery in Maesteg, near Port Talbot, took the opportunity to inform people with life-limiting illnesses, who are at much higher risk from Covid-19, that they were unlikely to be offered hospital admission and ‘certainly will not be offered a ventilator bed’.

    It said that completing the form indicating they would not want to be resuscitated would have several benefits, including ‘your GP and more importantly your friends and family will know not to call 999’ and ‘scarce ambulance resources can be targeted to the young and fit who have a greater chance’…

    too late to erase from the minds of these vulnerable patients instructed to self-isolate for the sake of the NHS the spectre of the Grim Reaper getting to work while the Good Samaritan attends to people who are younger and stronger. But it is surely not too late for the young to question this latest application of Darwinism hiding under the guise of ‘protecting our NHS’ from the sick, the very people it was set up to help, for what it is. And that this epidemic is no excuse for abandoning medical ethics or the Hippocratic Oath.

    They might consider that the Queen is approaching 94 and that the Duke of Edinburgh is approaching 99. Should they be asked to complete a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ form, or be lectured on the burden they would place on the NHS should they call on their services rather than dying without the dignity of care in their own homes? I hope not. Why should it be different for the rest of us?

    We need to ask which category of society will be next in line to be unworthy of NHS services? The severely disabled, Down’s children, the mentally ill, those with cancer?

    Does it really deserve the constant praise that the Prime Minister and celebrities encourage us to repeat in defiance of the evidence?

    Yet an institution that warns the weakest and the sick to stay away, that pushes the message portraying the elderly not just as a ‘burden’, but as dispensable, is long overdue for reform.

    The government’s big coronavirus message, plastered everywhere, is ‘Stay home to protect the NHS’. We must ‘protect our NHS’ from – us. Maybe we should all martyr our lives to it?

    Government needs to accept reality: the Economy protects the NHS

    Refreshing: Positive, optimistic can do News

    THCOM steps up to help a nation in need during COVID-19

    And attack Gove & Halfcock’s prohibition of Freedom

    CV-19 Scam-demic
    Covid-19 Global Deaths: 73,831

    UK All Cause Annual Deaths: ~615,000

  15. i s o l a t i o n, Paul Joseph Watson

    People are starting to act even more weird

    Who’d of thought football moms would be the new Brown Shirts

    Nick Ferrari asked the Communities Secretary why people can’t safely sit in parks a safe distance from other people
    “Now let’s see how long I can take, rambling on, repeating myself, and saying ‘sadly dying’ before I don’t answer the question”

    One amazing thing to come out of this, the police on the beat, that was as rare as rocking horse pooh, now you are almost falling over plod, whos policing twitter for hurty words?

    – Confusing title as Steve saying Stop The Shutdown

    Hilton: Slow the spread but speed the shutdown

    – Steve Hilton on the long-term consequences of coronavirus
    COVID-19 can’t destroy America. But Big Government can and will, unless we’re careful

    If Govs don’t end this current shut down then we are not looking at a recession but rather we are looking at a second Great Depression.

  16. …the whole of tax and its role in society has to be rethought after this crisis.

    Ritchie provides us with a fine example of the term “non sequitur”. Also, “cunt.”

  17. Bad news about Boris no doubt the vermin on the left will display their vileness

    They are already. Some despicable shits on social media.

    And only 5% better are those who, while wishing Boris recovers, feel the need to point out that they don’t like him and don’t support him.

  18. The Meissen Bison

    m’Lud – does the letter ‘C’ signify the identical word in all your renderings?

  19. “Johnson in ICU? Something not right here–given that it isn’t that dangerous- v odd that Johnson just happens to be succeptable. Very odd indeed.”

    Ecksy, your default mode is set to conspiracy. Try altering your settings. CV hits up to 10% of people hard and a smaller percentage dangerously hard, particularly if their viral load is high when they are infected. The PM is overweight, over-55 and over-worked – all factors that increase susceptibility.

    Let’s hope BoJo pulls through. A Tory Party leadership election could be calamitous nationally, because it would kick off informally while BoJo’s corpse was still warm and also leave the civil service effectively in charge during a crisis.

  20. I don’t recall Canaris making it that easy for the chaps at Bletchley, Mr B.

    I suggest a strafing raid over NW2, to see what further encrypted messages I’m prompted to send…

  21. Ecks

    Interesting sequence… He’s clearly not been right. Brenda then being asked to do what she did, transmitted to the nation pretty much as Boris went in etc.

    Let’s hope he recovers quickly, ie they are simply not taking any chances (rather than perhaps playing the normal ICU / ventilator odds we were discussing). And not simply (whatever our rhetoric) for obvious reasons; it’s what the less savoury ones might then get up to otherwise – not letting good crises go to waste and all that…..

  22. Theo

    You are right, except that it *may* be less than that due to possibly higher numbers of asymptomatic? We are still learning clearly, but this suggests the asymptomatic proportion might be even more than previously evidenced?


    If there was a priority right now, surely it’s more very large scale random tests, to get a much better steer on that? Probably nothing could influence policy more usefully right now?

  23. Theo–I hope Johnson recovers also. As I said before he is the best of a very bad lot. Scum like Gove we do not need.

    I said it was odd–I refrained from saying it was a conspiracy. It might just be unusual bad luck given that it will boost the hysterics and prob keep this lockdown shite going longer.

  24. PF – a highly infectious respiratory virus that is asymptomatic in a large percentage of the population but fatal to a small but significant percentage is a very dangerous virus and difficult to combat.

    With a reliable anti-body test at least a month away, lockdown will need to be eased before it is widely available.

  25. Theo

    I agree. And alongside that, the more materially asymptomatic it is the smaller that “small but significant” percentage becomes. Ultimately, the more asymptomatic it is, the less dangerous it is – that’s what the optimists amongst us have been looking towards.

    And that’s obvious in a way, because we’d be shitting ourselves if those recorded case numbers were anything like real (ie, it’s barely rippling yet) – and looking to hang politicians for not having closed the borders at the first sniff….

  26. @PF
    You don’t need a large number of tests* to ascertain (with reasonable accuracy) how many people have already had CV19, a properly stratified sample of 1,000+ will easily do that. I imagine the problem is collecting an unbiased sample – it’s one thing to cold-call people or stop them in a shopping centre (oops, can’t do that any more) and ask them if they’d mind answering a few questions, but having a medical test is another thing entirely.

    * assuming there’s an accurate and reliable test in the first place, which isn’t clear to me

  27. CM

    Re anti-bodies (already had), I understand. In that context, this in interesting:


    “… at Porton Down near Salisbury, scientists are pouring over 800 blood samples taken from a representative sample of the English population. [ and then lots more samples ]

    If the tests work, and virologists are confident they will, they will provide Britain with the answers to the most important unknowns about Covid-19: How many of us have already had the virus? How common are asymptomatic carriers? And how much immunity, if any, do we acquire after surviving an infection?

    The answers to these questions are what virtually every government the world over is rushing to unearth. They are the gold dust of the pandemic. They will inform not just exit through a much more precise modelling of the pandemic’s trajectory, but the best approach to treatments and vaccines.

    The initial aim of the work at Porton Down is to establish how widely the virus has spread. Current models assume the spread to date is fairly modest, at around three to four per cent of the population. If the modelers had a more precise grip on this crucial variable they would be able to predict the course of the epidemic with much greater certainty.

    “Data in the coming weeks will enable estimation… with greater precision,” “

  28. The “weeks” is the problem. We can’t really wait. The funny money isn’t stopping mass unemployment and likely won’t save many businesses either.

  29. https://twitter.com/i/status/1245992895666151429

    If anyone can speak Italian, I think it means about 14% of people in Lombardy have HAD the virus, though could be higher if there’s a lag between recovery and showing it. This is going to take a long time to move through the population sufficiently to give herd immunity ( where the proportion of population that haven’t had it is inverse of R0. )
    China, South Korea etc haven’t got a chance of stopping a second wave.

  30. The Meissen Bison

    at Porton Down near Salisbury, scientists are pouring over 800 blood samples

    Sounds messy!

  31. Bloke in North Dorset


    Let’s hope BoJo pulls through. A Tory Party leadership election could be calamitous nationally, because it would kick off informally while BoJo’s corpse was still warm and also leave the civil service effectively in charge during a crisis.

    Not really. The Queen can appoint who the hell she likes as PM, although by convention the leader of the largest party gets first dibs on forming a government.

    The Conservative can easily and quickly find a new leader without having to through their full process, as we found out with May. The mythical “men in grey suits” will come in to their own again and they’ll decide who they want as leader and then warn every other MP off standing. I’ll bet there’ll even be approaching 100% support from Tory MPs on the nomination paper.

    Of course the left and other assorted dimwits will witter on about “not my PM”, “I didn’t vote for him/her” and continue to show their ignorance of our constitution whilst calling for another GE.

    The political charlatans that pass for Labours front bench and their promoters in the MM will probably call for a government of national unity.

    The rest of the country will shrug and say, fair enough, and get on with whatever it they are doing to while away the hours.

  32. Bongo–How do they know this 14% figure?

    And of course it does not show how many have been exposed and didn’t get it. Diseases come and go. Again the Black death stayed about 2 years and still didn’t infect 2/3 of those exposed. It doesn’t mean the virus is hanging around until it scores 100 %. Has ANY other disease ever done so?

  33. Bloke in North Dorset

    On testing:

    There’s a good piece here on the issues around testing and what false negative and positives really mean with a small sample: https://unherd.com/2020/04/how-far-away-are-immunity-passports/

    It also links to a good article on why an antibody test is so difficult to produce.

    You might want to brush up Bayes Theorem first.

    Oxford university is looking for volunteers for a large scale testing program: https://oxford.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-in-the-uk-community

  34. BinD–The Tory hierarchy? Bet your backside on one of Treason May’s creatures–probably Gove getting the job and to Hell with the membership and the country.

  35. TMB–Yes –but they still didn’t infect everybody. Hopefully we will be far better prepared in future–but no more lockdowns.

  36. The Meissen Bison

    Quite true, m’Lud, but then the Abwehr wasn’t engaged in dreaming up disobliging things to say about exponents of CTC-ISHNESS in Ely.

  37. Fair points Mr Ecks – I don’t know any Italian so can’t work out where the data came from.
    But as you said, there will be some people who just don’t get CV-19 – the entry protein comes up against their cell walls and just can’t get in, drops off, or does get in but the charge can’t then co-opt its way into the strandy stuff inside.
    We would like to know the sorts of %s. Some people just never get a tan or a cold or whatever.

  38. BiND

    “The Conservative can easily and quickly find a new leader without having to through their full process, as we found out with May.”

    If BoJo dies, Raab will take over – pending a leadership election. Result = no discipline in government. From the moment of BoJo’s decease, cabinet ministers would be competing for public and party favour, distracting themselves from combatting the pandemic and inclining them to crowd-pleasing measures. It would be grim.

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