Yer Wha’?

Set against an extraordinary political backdrop, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have defied the odds

Boris is known for a certain sexual incontinence, yes. But it’s not for one night stands nor shagging the secretary on the broom cupboard a la JFK. Rather, it’s for having a mistress, a long term piece on the side. That he’s been with Carrie 18 months now is not actually against those odds.

True, that he’s only with the one is but that’s another matter.

6 thoughts on “Yer Wha’?”

  1. yeah good form but nothing to what’ll happen when he retires to stud.

    (also v interesting that this appears to be a thing he inherited from Pa Johnson, so the thing that might offer some betting value is whether Jo has sired too)

  2. Johnson’s crime is that he is presently fucking the UK economy to death.

    What the imbecile is doing girlfriend-wise is a matter of zero importance at this point.

    But since we are here –“celebrating” that a couple have actually endured an entire 18 months together–despite having a child on the way- just about serves as a measure of the modern world.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Seen on Twitter: By the end of this Parliament Boris is likely to have more children than the LibDems have MPs.

  4. The twitter reaction from the left has been glorious though, Boris derangement syndrome turned up to 11

  5. SUBS!

    “…that little over three weeks later, the Prime Minister would be forced to declare an unprecedented lockdown of the UK not seen since peacetime.

    Methinks “not seen during peacetime” or perhaps “not seen since wartime?”

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