Yer Wha’?

Re the coronavirus:

This is a political failure on a truly horrific scale.

It’s time for the press to do its job and hold the government to account.

The press are the people who write what fills in the bits between the advertising. Not – despite what always happens with a government to the right of the Socialist Workers Party – the people holding government to account. That’s the job of the Opposition. And – again, contrary to appearances – the press and the opposition to the government are not the same thing.

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  1. Indeed. I wish more people would understand this.

    It’s why the papers going to the wall really isn’t that important. They think they’re important for breaking stories, but the value is in the information (which the holder can publish themselves) and the analysis (which they’re not very good at).

  2. 101,000 – total global deaths from Covid-19

    100K out of 7 billion is basically fuck all. Every death a tragedy, etc. but remember Sweet & Sour Sicken was meant to be the Black Death 2.0?

    It’s more of a nuisance than a real threat. Somewhere between Leprosy and Disco Fever.

  3. Meanwhile, over in Spudland, I see Hans Gruber recovered from being killed in the first Die Hard film to call out Spud on his outlandish claims that the death toll is vastly higher and that there is a cover-up.

    Gruber has been dismissed as a troll. Yippie Ki Yay.

  4. There seems to be an epidemic of people complaining that this government is intent on mass murder. Spud is in on it too. Where and how did this idiotic meme suddenly emerge?

  5. The press/MSM were the ones who blew this thing up into what we are now experiencing, through their scaremongering and their acknowledged ability to kill a politicians career stone dead with one headline, this second point causing every government minister to shit themselves and swallow whole everything Neil Ferguson and his computer model told them.

  6. It’s all such shite. Anyone who thinks the data are good enough to let us count a death tally is in cloud cuckoo land.

    It took some effort to develop a way of estimating winter flu deaths. How good are the estimates? Lord knows: I’ve seen it said that a study that checked relevant corpses found that well under a half had actually had a flu virus. So flu deaths are really seasonal respiratory tract deaths, and even then it’s presumably hard to distinguish death with flu-like and deaths from flu-like.

    For a novel virus everything is uncertain except the fact of death and (I assume) the fact that the corpse had suffered from a respiratory infection. People are adopting beliefs with high confidence when calm, rational people would hold beliefs with low confidence.

    I’d quite like to know how many of the alarmists now are the same people who dismissed the whole thing as an unimportant foreign sniffle a couple of months ago. Bone-headed buggers.

    And another thing: what about Wuhan virus deaths that are misattributed to ‘flu? From a JAMA paper concerning LA in 2020:

    “The 5% rate of SARS-CoV-2 among patients with mild influenzalike illness without risk factors is concerning. These patients had sufficiently mild illness to be active in the community throughout their illness, increasing the possibility of transmission. Such transmission is consistent with the unusual, third countywide influenza-like illness spike that occurred late in the season and with declining rates of influenza positivity.”

    It seems that the third spike of flu deaths may well have been misidentified Wuhan deaths.

  7. It’s time for the press to do its job and hold the government to account.

    The press are currently doing the government’s job and ramping up apocalyptic stories and spreading panic. By and by they will call for Hancock to be sacked, Gove to be imprisoned and Boris to be flogged when it all goes obpyriform.

  8. All things considered sacking the fascist Hancock for failing to appreciate the moral limits to his powers would be a good idea. And any police boss who has been overstepping the law just to throw his weight about.

  9. @rhoda klapp

    +1 Police happily exposing they are Stasi, Hancock too

    How To Start A Riot

    Police Brutality: Manchester Man Arrested For Helping Vulnerable Mother
    @1m44s Cop Car n/s front & rear underinflated – RTA violations

    Vid Mirrors

  10. @Steve, Addolff

    Yes. As I’ve said sinse start of hyteria: a nothing burger

    The UK Government is obeying media & ‘experts’ hysteria and ‘if it saves one life’ demands

    I’ve not seen one minister, MP or UK msm addressing “We all die, is cost of shutdown worth the deaths postponed not saved or stopped?”

    Every oldie I know doesn’t want CV19, but they accept they will die and if CV19 hastens it, so be it. They’re also content with DNR as seen too many lives prolonged in misey & pain

    – Exercise banned in parts of the UK as death toll soars
    Exercise at certain times of the day have now been banned in parts of the United Kingdom as the country battles against a soaring COVID-19 death toll

    Totaliterian Hancock moves again towards entire UK under house arrest for a virus that has infected 0.02% of world population and killed (with) 0.0013% of world population

    I’ve never liked Hancock – a chinless wonder – media now fawning over his ‘decisive actions’ despite his inept defeatist responses on BBC QT and never leading, always defering to ‘experts’ suggest I was correct

    CV-19 Scam-demic
    Covid-19 Total Global Deaths: 102,088
    Total Global Cases: 1,653,204 = 0.02% of population

    UK All Cause Annual Deaths: ~615,000
    Global All Cause Annual Deaths: ~58 Million (58,000,000)

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