Yes! Orange Man Bad!

A new high for The Guardian:

But Trump has especially fallen short as consoler-in-chief during the coronavirus crisis, analysts say, failing day after day to muster expressions of sympathy for victims and their families as the death toll in America increased into the tens of thousands.

And in the current crisis, Trump’s failure to grasp the scale of the American tragedy on a human level could do more than fuel emotional turmoil – it could cost more lives, according to historians, public affairs experts and political analysts interviewed by the Guardian.

A lack of empathy kills, d’ye see?

22 thoughts on “Yes! Orange Man Bad!”

  1. There are analysts of the US President’s non-existent role as “consoler in-chief”?

    Such people really exist?

    Surely, right now they ought to have been furloughed …

  2. “analysts say”

    “historians, public affairs experts and political analysts interviewed by the Guardian.”

    I’ll translate

    “We’ve sought out the views of some knee-jerk critics of Trump who share our hatred of him”

  3. +1 Andrew C, on a similar line with Polly Toynbee’s all-too predictable rant about Bojo yesterday… Wrong man, wrong time, wrong country, wrong views, wrong gender, wrong deodorant, wrong clothes… Do these people really think anyone takes them seriously?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    But Trump has especially fallen short as consoler-in-chief during the coronavirus crisis

    I thought the left had gone all 9th Amendment now the President is someone they don’t like.

  5. @Diogenes: they only require their fellows in the media to take them seriously. They know full well no one else does.I

    And they no longer even pretend to care.

  6. What a crock of utter shit. Do these morons think he’s got nothing better to do than send hugs?

    Trump’s failure to grasp the scale of the American tragedy on a human level … could cost more lives, according to historians, public affairs experts and political analysts

    Any evidence for this assertion? And why the blue rubbery fuck would “historians, public affairs experts and political analysts” be in a position make such predictions?

    Looking at the UK media or social media, you’d think Boris was in danger of being toppled by the outraged citizenry, yet every single poll has the Tories miles ahead.

  7. MC–Only until people see how economically fucked they/we are. Then there will be no more of the Blojo=Churchill crap.

    Starmer and his gang of turds wanted even MORE hysterical ruin heaped on us than Johnson.

    But the danger is their media mates will throw the blanket of silence on that while ZaNu take the (in itself correct) line that Bloj over-reacted hysterically to a failed flu. The tale is he was reluctant re lockdown–but pissing off for a month–ill or not- might well do for him politically.

  8. If they watched his daily briefing they might have some news to report but they can’ Because Orange Man Bad. I look forward to the day there is nothing but smoke and rubble where the msm once postured.

  9. That new Trump ad showing Nancy Pelosi consoling the nation from in front of her $12,000 fridge full of chocolate ice-cream and congratulating the Dems in Congress for stymying the small business relief that the Reps are trying to get through just shows how mean Trump is.

  10. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    Whatever Trump’s shortcomings might be, he has yet to pose in front of a $24,000 double refrigerator and giggle like a schoolgirl over $13 a pint ice cream… While holding up a badly needed small business stimulus package.

  11. How the fuck can a fridge cost $24k? Is it weighted down with gold bullion? Does it take itself down to Iceland and fill itself?

  12. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    How the fuck can a fridge cost $24k?

    The same way a pint of ice cream can cost $13.

    Say hello to Mr. Veblen.

  13. BiW:

    How the fuck can a fridge cost $24k?

    Like this. Note this is a CAD price (just because I know these guys carry them) of $16.4K, or ~$11.3K USD. Nancy had two of them side-by-side;add an ice-maker, and you can see $24K USD pretty easily. It’s not just the damned refrigerators, though – you need quite a large kitchen to fit two of these babies, and quite a large (and well-appointed) house to have such a kitchen. Nancy’s hubby has done pretty well, and I don’t begrudge him a luxurious lifestyle. I’m sure having a well-connected political spouse has been a significant drag on his career in financial services and real estate.

  14. Have discussed this with some of my rabid anti-Trump colleagues and even they grudgingly admit he’s been better at delivering messaging and taking a more positive hopeful tone than Trudeau and the provincial leaders

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    Nancy’s been in politics all all her life and she can afford a house with a kitchen big enough to hold fridges worth $24k and eat $13 ice cream.

    Bernie’s been in politics all his life and he can afford 3 very nice houses in very nice locations.

    Lucrative business American politics, makes you wonder why anyone would do anything else.

  16. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    At last I can appreciate that New Zealand’s low death toll is directly attributable to Jacinda ‘sadface’ Adhern.

  17. @Kevin B


    – Ted Cruz blasts Dems: ‘Stop screwing around with small businesses’

    – How many millions more will be laid off because Pelosi delayed aid?

    Dems/Left are Evil, they put politics above economy, lives and well-being
    – Dems: “Give us what we want or everybody gets nothing and dies”

    In a nation of adults, we’re ruled by idiot children who choose to ignore the links between actions and consequences:

    – Bill de Blasio releasing criminals on the street to reoffend and asking snitches to send photos to him

  18. Ummmm
    There are rocks in my backyard that are better than Trudeau at damned-near everything, other than snagging a reasonably attractive wife (the rocks may be gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that). If they’d had a multi-million dollar trust fund, they would be PM today

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