So, Ritchie discovers some research on multinationals. Which shows that Google has a presence in 192 countries.

Now you might see why we need country-by-country reporting. Without it we cannot know very much about a great deal of what goes on within these companies, most especially when a comparison between the number of companies reported on in the financial statements and the actual number of locations in which the entity is present is considered. Look at Alphabet on that one, if you will….. (which is Google, for those unfamiliar with the name of its parent company).

What the research shows is that you can get to Google from 192 countries. Not even that Google can show you an ad in 192 countries, which it can’t. But that – even if you’ve got to use a VPN – you can ask google a question in every UN member.

This proves why we need country by country reporting.

Err, yea, Spud, yea.

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  1. Anyone from a country with a working telephone and mail systems can order by phone and have something delivered, does that mean every company is a multi-national unless it explicitly states it will not ship outside its home country

  2. Umm, I think the standard definition of a multi-national is that it must have an investment on each country, not just a nameplate or a trading office

  3. I was thinking about Ritchies definition for CbCR, seems to be anywhere you can potentially trade with.
    Used to work for a family run company that would ship some stuff outside UK typically to old customers that had retired abroad, not even a rounding error on sales and no margin made, by his definition would have to do CbCR

  4. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    It’ll be down to 191 countries soon. If Google has any sense they’ll stop access from New Zealand when St Jacinda Jung-Un’s new bill allowing the police to fine internet hosting services up to $20k if someone reads something they find ‘reasonably objectionable’ posted on a site is passed.

  5. Tim, look here.

    The UK is in an absolutely important political and economic crisis.

    You have fine and acute critical mind.

    You are devoting most of it to trampling further into the stinking mud the disjointed wriggling fragments of the despicable, utterly discredited and unimportant worm Richard Murphy.

    Can’t you concentrate on something more important?

  6. Nonsense Stephen. The odious Murphy leaves no right to reply even for sensible points. This blog is an invaluable tool in keeping my sanity.

  7. Stephen, on the other hand, it keeps Tim on a straight and narrow righteous path because he will always know what is right and correct regarding any topic Murphy discusses or writes about – the opposite is always factually correct.

  8. Great takedown of Murphy by some tax expert on corporate tax yield.. Murphy “candidly” admitted his error but he’s “leaving it there”… before he makes a bigger fool of himself taking on someone with expertise in his field

  9. Stiv, please give a link or post quotes. Spud is posting so much crap that it’s hard to tell where to look

  10. @Stephen May 27, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    Fully agree. Tim W is spending too much time on rants at Ritchie and becoming nit picking to find a fault

    He should be concentrating on biggest economic crisis in decades and the Pols & MSM lies

    Could it be Tim W believes the lies, as he does with Man Made Global Warming hoax?

  11. Does Ritchie include HK & Taiwan in his 192 countries? Will he even admit Taiwan is a sovereign nation?

    I agree with this, UK has abandoned HK and won’t refer repeated illegal treaty breaches to courts; Trump is HK’s only hope
    – Jimmy Lai: Only President Trump can ‘save Hong Kong from communist China’s scourge’

    Jimmy Lai on Hong Kong security laws protests: I’m going to stay and fight

    Lisa Nandy wimps out by not saying UK should take legal action for China’s treaty breaching
    – Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy talks about the continued unrest in Hong Kong and reacts to Dominic Cummings refusal to resign after breaking coronavirus lockdown rules

  12. Ritchie, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube should not be allowed “public square” defence when they edit and censor
    – Trump threatens to regulate, close down social media platform Twatter for using sources like CNN to fact-check him

    What Twatter doesn’t like
    – GOP sues California governor Gavin Newsom for vote-by-mail order

    Trump rails against mail-in voting: ‘We are not going to destroy this country’
    – President Trump slammed Governor Newsom claiming he is ‘handing ballots out to everyone on the street.” Trump goes on to say voter fraud is a big issue

    Twatter may not like, but we saw plenty of video evidence (eg Veritas) of Dem voter fraud in 2016: bussing (vote early, vote often), dead voting, illegals voting

  13. Like what?

    No, I’m serious. I already write for everyone who will pay me to do so. There’s no point in writing books about stuff. Mine sell 300 to 500 copies. I have several piles of notes for several volumes but they’re not worth scribbling out at those sales levels. What is this other stuff you would have me do?

  14. Surreptitious Evil

    UK has abandoned HK and won’t refer repeated illegal treaty breaches to courts

    What court, exactly, do you think the CCP will take notice of? See, for example the ruling regarding their well, invasions, in the South China Sea.

  15. @Tim, I have one of your books. With those sales numbers, it’ll be a collectable in a few decades! 🙂

  16. Thkd Stiv, that twitter thread is a classic. Saying that Murphy is “a pretty marginal figure”. I bet that got the fat Potato worked up

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