Ahhh, that’s how they’ll do it

The process is actually fairly straightforward. If Biden quits the race right before the convention, delegates would select a new nominee. If he drops out right after the convention, members of the Democratic National Committee would pick their replacement candidate.

Hills gets appointed nanoseconds after the closing of the convention.

Well, perhaps not, but what’s the point of observing politics if not to revel in conspiracy and duplicity?

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  1. Dennis, Political Savant

    And what makes anyone think Joe Biden will go quietly? Beyond Biden himself, there are a whole lot of people who have a vested interest in keeping Joe at the head of the ticket (his staff, for example).

    And if Hillary Clinton is selected, what makes anyone think those who supported Sanders and Warren will jump on her bandwagon? What makes anyone think she can get through a campaign without fucking it all up? What makes anyone think the the big donors will rally around her yet again?

    This is talking about deck chairs, Timmy, not the boat.

  2. Michelle Obama, not Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden will welcome this, health reasons will be mentioned so it’ll be an honourable exit.

  3. ‘The process is actually fairly straightforward. If Biden quits the race right before the convention, delegates would select a new nominee.’

    Before the convention, he’s not the nominee. Delegates could select a nominee. Not a ‘new’ one. But they probably won’t. Too scattered. No one will get a majority. So DNC will jump in and arrange something. Delegates will pick a nominee, but there will be DNC fingerprints on their necks.

    ‘If he drops out right after the convention, members of the Democratic National Committee would pick their replacement candidate.’

    They better hurry. Else Biden’s name will wind up on the ballot, anyway. States make the ballots/set up the voting computers. They aren’t interested in DNC waffling (nor RNC). It depends on the state, but they can – and will – tell DNC, “Too late, we’ve already set the ballot.”

  4. The process of picking someone to replace Biden might be straightforward, but the politics of selecting a replacement is not. In particular, the politics of not picking Bernie Sanders, who did finish second after all.

  5. If the DNC does this then they’ll lose their moderates and their Bernie Bros. There was a massive uproar among the D’s in 2016 when both Clinton’s stranglehold on the DNC budget (she finagled a way to give control of it to her campaign) and the blatant shenanigans done to shut out Sanders.

    I’m sure the Progressive Wing would be happy to see them go – and since this election is Trump’s to lose any of the serious political operators must be thinking about the future and how to use this to position the party for 2024.

    So I can believe that they’ll cut Biden off at the knees come August.

  6. TV OT
    Devs – Anyone watched?
    Endured Devs.S01E01.WEBRip.x264-XLF and not drama, it was teen sci-fi fantasy. Does E02 etc become more realistic and watchable? Note: I don’t like Red Dwarf

    Back to watching old unwatched Endeavour for now
    Endeavour S04E04: Excellent – Wicker Man meets Nuclear
    Endeavour S05E05: Excellent – Computers vs Humans

  7. Michelle Obama would be a joke – no political experience or track record. Even Hillary went the Senator route first. If Michelle actually has any political aspirations she should avoid this ‘opportunity’ like the plague.

  8. Nice:
    – Hellary suddenly appearing like a drooling vulture eyeing a dessicated hiker as Biden implodes
    …and lock-up lawyers

    True, but Trump should not have/ does encourage shutdown eg his recent attack on Sweden
    – Draconian shutdowns ‘hurting Trump’s chance of re-election’
    It may not be fair, but the draconian shut downs put into place by governors across the US will hurt President Donald Trump’s chance to win re-election this November

    Hitchens spot on, it’s like being the little boy vs naked Emperor
    We’re destroying the nation’s wealth – and the health of millions


    Re: BBC’s Devs, I too watched E01 and stopped. Would be interested in others views

    Ah, SJW crap, waste of time:
    “A hauntingly beautiful meditation on humanity, Devs’ slow unfurling may test some viewers patience, but fans of Alex Garland’s singular talents will find much to chew on.”

  9. Re Devs, I’m watching it as a decent thriller – good production values and Nick ‘Parks and Recreation’ Offerman with a lumberjack beard – but not as a documentary on quantum computing. The IT Crowd was much closer to real life.

  10. The IT Crowd is so popular with the government that they are fixing the economy by Roy’s method.

  11. @pcar

    Every time I see shrillary I am struck by her similarity to davros ( dalek creator not home to plutocrats, virtue signallers and shysters)

    Have they ever been seen in the same room?

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