An interesting attempt

This Joe and the bird in the bush thing.

Putting women on a pedestal to suggest that they always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is a lie that will eventually come back to haunt the feminist movement. While it is true that patriarchy affords men power that women have been denied, that doesn’t mean that women are always innocent victims. To assume that is to completely rob them of any agency. Applying that to matters of sexuality means recognizing that, not only is it conceivable that women might lie, but that it is possible for them to be sexual predators too.

Of course we should believe all women until, of course, all women are now on an equal footing with men and to be held to hte same standards.

Which just happens, amazingly, to be the day someone accuses A Democrat candidate of doin’ the nasty. Stunning how that happens, eh?

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  1. ‘F]eminists are being put in a near-impossible position: Abandon our mantra to “believe women” and defend a man accused of serious misconduct, or speak out against him and in the process provide ammunition to a conservative movement fundamentally opposed to women’s autonomy.’

    Impossible? The difficulty for them being telling the truth. It makes them really, really uncomfortable.

    ‘a conservative movement fundamentally opposed to women’s autonomy.’

    Begging the question fallacy – the Left believing their own propaganda.

  2. Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Social Studies/Secondary Education and a master’s degree in Theology/Marriage and Family Therapy. She provided counseling and therapy in various settings before becoming the executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission focused on juvenile crime prevention.

    Whatever makes you feel better about dying alone, lol

  3. a lie that will eventually come back to haunt the feminist movement

    Hillary grabbing the nomination from Biden is exactly what the feminist movement wants. Alas they’ll subsequently discover how unpopular their brand of feminism is.

  4. What are these rumours that Michelle Obama is actually a tranny? Anyway, (s)he’ll take Biden’s place sometime during the summer.

  5. “executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission focused on juvenile crime prevention”

    EXECUTIVE director. Tells you all you need to know about the organization.

  6. “Speaking to MSNBC’s Mika Brezezinski on Friday, the former vice-president denied any sexual misconduct against Tara Reade outright.

    “It did not happen. Period,” he said.”

    So he would have forcibly fingered her if she hadn’t been on her period? For feminists, that just adds insult to injury.

  7. The Devil Rides Out

    Hellary Clinton and #MeToo completely ignoring Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations

    Didn’t Hellary say victims have a right to be believed?

    Biden on a ‘losing streak’ as media airs assault (not harassment) allegations
    Joe Biden “is caught in a bit of a bind” regarding the assault allegations laid against him in the lead-up to the United States

  8. The double standards are so nakedly displayed. Just scroll back to June 2019 and read the article she wrote when Donald Trump was the assailant. Not the alleged assailant; he gets described as the assailant.

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