An interesting point about lockdowns

From Philip:

People are being fined for disobeying lock down rules. Anyone presenting to a clinic with a recently acquired STD should logically be fined.

Actually, anyone presenting with an infectious disease at all should be fined, no?

20 thoughts on “An interesting point about lockdowns”

  1. No, because they could have caught it from a partner who betrayed them and brought it back to their home.

  2. TD, oh, I can see that one coming round the bend.

    It’ll be called ‘industrial sabotage’, or ‘anti-social behaviour’, or some such.

  3. @TD And, of course, the same principle should be applied to [X], up until the point we’re either living under a dictatoriat Spudda would jizz his pants over.

    Or we tell mrs.Grundy to take a hike, on a rail, tarred and feathered…

  4. “shielding”?
    I hope that was ironic, dearieme. The slow death of transitive verbs is torture to me.

  5. Dearieme, did you switch off the CH? I did in mid April. I am waking up to a crisp +12c in the morning, going to bed at night to a balmy +14c. Chill blains and a sore throat, some muscle ache, chest feels a bit dry too. It is against my ideology to have central heating on between and including May-September.

  6. Clapping is Kaputt, no clapping tonight at 8pm, an ominous eery silence instead. Very calming. I am wearing my Wilko fleece poncho, a bit nippy.

  7. @Jussi

    Delingpole: No, I Won’t Clap ‘Our NHS’
    “There are two main reasons, though, why I’m not going to join in the ritual applause for the NHS.
    The first is this one:
    NHS Climate Change Manager £44k
    £44,000 a year, plus benefits, for an ‘exciting new post’ designed to ‘fully integrate sustainability’

    And the second reason is that I am not subject to the Chinese or North Korean regimes”
    – two nutters in street here this week, one banger one clapper. Since clap start: 0s, then 2, 1, 0, 2

    No surprise
    Gov’t promises mean nothing: RoPs not subject to law. I feel sorry for girl who’s been failed by state again
    Grooming Gang Victim Speaks Out After Encountering Rapist Who Was Supposed to Be Deported

  8. Some clapping at first but has now died to zero. Never caught the clap myself–not once. Small number of folk leaving out “We love NHS” banners etc–standard small number of fuckwits. Some biggish trailer moved around various points in the area with a big “We LUV NHS Zeroes” and Rainbow Banner on it –supposedly from the kids of a local junior school –but more likely instigated by the leftist pukes who indoctrinate the kids.

  9. Ecks

    I would be surprised if anyone on here had caught the clap.

    I’ve only heard it once – it wasn’t immediately local and took me a good half minute to work out what the hell was going on.

  10. Slightly O/T, but has anyone else noticed how difficult it is at a distance of more than about 250 yards to distinguish burka-clad types from our own dear momblewoppits of the Metropolitan Constabulary?

  11. Are burka-clad wearing childish high-viz disguise too now?

    Re Face masks – a lot now wearing masks with ‘exhale vent’, reason for public wearing mask is to stop wearer infecting others. Twats don’t know or care

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