And incoming from this blog’s Swiss wine expert…..

The information on which of the good wines will be sold under which of the vin de table labels?

Swiss winemakers are to receive state aid to downgrade their finest appellation labels to cheaper vin de table after sales of quality vintages plummeted during the coronavirus lockdown.

Swiss wineries will receive 10 million Swiss francs (£8.5m) of government funds to repackage thousands of quality bottles unsold after restaurants and bars remained shut for two months in the Alpine nation, leading to a 40 per cent drop in sales, according to producers.

In a boon for wine buffs, wines that have received the coveted “controlled designation of origin” (appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC)) designation – some of which can sell for hundreds of pounds – will now be on sale for a fraction of that price starting from June 1….

Umm, this blog does have a Swiss wine expert, doesn’t it?

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  1. It means that hysteria has landed the West in shite. Hysteria and decades of Korporate Socialist Krony Krapitalism, debt and economic meddling have filled a vast Dam reservoir with liquid shite—while the hysteria has served to dynamite said dam..

    Enjoy whatever bargain booze is to be had–fine or not it is all piss in the end. Drunken oblivion might be the best state to be in for the next few years.

    But of course I forget Theo’s wife has £300 pent-up demand hairdressing money saved. .

    Tempting to imagine Mrs Theo and her resource not only saving our bacon but time travelling to save the day at great historical disasters–say tanking 300 quids worth of lemonade up to the Heights of Hattin that fateful day in 1187.

    And £300 –suitably converted of course–might have been enough to bribe the crew that nabbed Jesus. “He weren’t there Guv–we couldn’t find nobody–garden place was empty as a tomb”.

  2. Again, this makes no sense.

    AOC raises the value. Sticking Vin de Table on just means the price falls, where dropping the price of AOC makes people think “bargain” and buy a case.

    Imagine if Ferrari couldn’t sell their cars. Would it make any sense to remove the badge and call them something else?

    This sounds like a bung. What’s the bet that no-one has to actually change the labels to get the money?

  3. @BOM4 – I suspect the thinking is that discounting AOC wines will damage the value of AOC certification in the future.

    In the short term, they can sell off a limited quantity of ‘special vin de table’ wines cheap and get the taxpayer to chip in for the shortfall.

    How will you spot it? It wouldn’t make sense for the wineries to sneak out the repackaged wines, they want to get them sold, so I expect they will be heavily promoted.

  4. The best Swiss wines are rarely exported. And you need to know the producers, varieties and vintages well to find a ‘bargain’. Stick to what you know and like if you are bargain-hunting. Spain offers good value for money if you avoid exported Rioja. Chile’s top reds are excellent…

  5. Heading out to a party, I’ve put cheap liquor in more expensive bottles.

    Leave it to the Swiss to do it the other way around.

  6. What Theophrastus says, my brother lives in Zurich so I have a working ? knowledge of Swiss wines, but hardly any is drunk outside Switzerland so seeing any bargains here is highly unlikely.

  7. Do Swiss wines need to be drunk fresh? I can’t see where adding a couple months to their age means anything.

  8. “The best Swiss wines are rarely exported.”

    Ditto German and Californian wines, et al. Well-heeled domestic markets versus UK’s £8/bottle clientele. Too much is invested in fine wines for anyone involved to undermine the businesss (including its customers). Official appellation regulators collude in maintaining price as well as quality, and downgrading to vin de table is just one of the things that provides for the occasional market adjustment. Domestic subsidy by any other name. Boon to wine buffs? We’re more likely to end up with repackaged cross-on-square vino from one or other dubious source than downgraded Swiss wine.

  9. Heading out to a party, I’ve put cheap liquor in more expensive bottles.

    What the hell would motivate someone to behave in such a reprehensible manner?

  10. Pricing is an interesting game where economic theory does not Always apply, but mostly it does. In “truth about markets” John Kay talks about the time his economics consultancy wanted shot of an office. They advertised it at the rent advised by the estate agent.

    No takers.

    So, being highly qualified economists, they dropped the rent. No takers. So they dropped some more. No takers.

    Then they realised that if you try to rent a £200/sq ft at below that value, people will think something is wrong with it. So they went with the advice and offloaded it, after a long while.

    I mean, would you buy a Rolls-Royce for £1000, without paying a lot of attention to what you were getting for your money

  11. PF (Let's try again)

    The Integrale – one of the quicker point to point cars at the time on normal roads..

  12. Pcar,

    The Thema 8.32 still looked like it belonged parked outside a quantity surveyor’s home in Milton Keynes. Its rarity means that they fetch decent prices today.

  13. Ecksy

    “But of course I forget Theo’s wife has £300 pent-up demand hairdressing money saved.”

    I may well be wrong about this ‘recession’, dear boy, but if you based your rants on some research rather than your feelz, you might understand:

    1. that apart from 2008, the last three or four UK recessions have involved a V-shaped recovery with post-recession GDP reached within 36 months (look it up!)
    2. that during lockdown, UK consumers are paying off debt – £4bn and rising
    3. that UK banks are healthy
    4. that UK inflation (0.8%) is low and UK borrowing costs are minimal
    5. that the price of oil is c.50% below what it was a year ago and stocks are high
    6. that there is huge pent-up consumer demand in the UK economy.

    On the downside, many ‘zombie’ businesses will fail; but that’s part of the Schumpeter’s creative destruction…

    So, given (1) to (6), it is reasonable to think that the lockdown suspension of the economy will result in a mini-boom and a return to former GDP levels within 36 months, if not much earlier.

    PS I am not defending lockdown. I suspect it was an (understandable?) error to continue it; but the electorate – particularly women – are in favour of continued lockdown. But then I’m not in favour of universal suffrage…

  14. I’m not an expert (I know what I like and I know what I like to pay… And let’s just say the wine here in Switzerland at a given price point is way better than the New World over-oaked pish you get in the UK…)

    “Vin de Table” isn’t a common designation here, and would only usually be seen on cheap imported pish at the very, very low end of the price scale. Possibly in Tetra-Paks even… I suspect they’re using it as a code for lower-grade designations of the same grape.

    Most of the Swiss white is Chasselas. The bottom end of that is simply labelled “Chasselas”, often combined with “Vin de Pays” as a subtitle (e.g. “Vin de pays du Valais”). Next up is “Fondant” as a type (can actually extend from very cheap to actually quite dear). Then you’ve got a whole raft of names based roughly on region of origin, supermarket blends mostly (Morges, La Côte, Epesses, Luins…). These may have a fairly broad AOC designation. Going more upmarket you’ve got things like St. Saphorin. Then the really posh stuff is single-winery stuff, named for the Domaine it comes from and probably doesn’t even specify the grape cos you’re just Meant to Know.

    With the reds, Pinot Noir (Blauburgunder) is the main one, Dôle being a fairly low grade.

    I suspect they’re referring to simply labelling e.g. a St. Saphorin as Fendant to push it down the price bracket, or posh stuff as a St. Saphorin or other.

    But I’m not an expert…

  15. For some reason, the site refused to accept it from me.

    It seems to be in gremlin mode again?

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