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Yes, it’s bloody annoying. The latest update of WordPress (I assume) doubles links. So:

link link

It doesn’t do it for Richard, the code monkey. It doesn’t do it on other sites (ie, the ASI, which uses Squarespace). I’ve changed mouse so it’s not that.


Dunno why, but it does.

To show the doubling again, with the html:

<a href=””>link </a><a href=””>link </a>


7 thoughts on “Boring”

  1. Now that I’m, aware of it I often enough remember to edit it out. And yes, Richard is aware and also flummoxed.

  2. The first time I posted something on LinkedIn it did something similar which I think is because the editor parses the text and automatically turns http://blah into a link. It might be that WordPress are trying to do something similar. I can’t be bothered to upgrade any of my sites just to check.

    So probably just a little bug they’ve introduced.

  3. Oh speak of the devil. that blah link was just &lti&gt h t t p://blah </i>

    And also, in typing this to explain it, the editor is removing greater than and less than symbols. I had to use ampersand gt;

  4. yup the editor treats anything as html if it’s within the html brackets, and deletes “invalids”. Even if you use quote marks, which should make the interpreter ignore stuff between them as pure text..

    Means we can’t use the [pendant] blah [/pendant] qualifiers anymore for flavour… 🙁

    My bet is someone used a waaay too strict interpretation of HTML somewhere.

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