Crucifying the language


19 thoughts on “Crucifying the language”

  1. The last supper with unlimited salad, if you will. btw Anyone recall Cummings and Goings, from Diary of as Nobody? Popped into my mind for some reason….snicker

  2. Just got a coffee, everyone queuing outside, one person taking orders and fetching out those and the mobile orders, general impression is people are putting up with it for now, as the weather is ok, can’t see it staying it this way if they want people to come back

  3. All U Can Eat gone – Without a trace?

    Gov’t is here to help…
    – Authorities have found a new excuse to delay reopening America: The need for hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘contact tracers’
    Bureaucrat predicts 300,000 “Tracers” needed? Double, then double again when admin and mgt added

    Amazing, Dems say skin colour changes with a box tick
    – Biden says ‘you ain’t black’ if support Trump

  4. If Trump mentions this as “Great News”….FDA, NHS, MSM, PHE, Fauci etc will ban
    Ivermectin with Doxycycline can treat coronavirus patients
    “Doctors gave Ivermectin as well as antibiotic drug Doxycycline to 60 coronavirus patients and after 72 hours, they found that all the patients were COVID-19 negative”

    btw NHS now has 10,000 ‘frontline’ voluntarily taking Hydroxychloroquine as CV-19 prophylaxis

  5. You ain’t Biden if you know who you are supporting.

    As for Cummings Facepaint–the oncoming economic disaster–supported by ALL 650 shitehouses in the House of Scum–will soon knock DC out of the bogus headlines. Since the flu is–like you Fece–a two-bit nuthin’ –who cares anyway.

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