Dodgy stats of the day from reckon that the UK is down there with Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Actually, worse than those three.

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  1. Actually I’d say that anything above zero given to Kidsrights Foundation is a gross abuse of the taxpayer’s rights.

  2. From an “incentives to pick their ranking methodology” perspective, I wonder if charities and NGOs from different countries persistently choose metrics that ensure their own countries (or countries they get significant grant money to operate in) are ranked lower, compared to how they fare in the rankings made – or made up – by their peers abroad. If you run the French equivalent of KidsRights, you presumably wouldn’t want France appearing right at the top of the leaderboard with no need for urgent additional funding, would you now?

    A testable hypothesis if anyone’s up for it.

    (FWIW KidsRights is based in the Netherlands, I don’t know if it has much by the way of UK operations.)

  3. It’s just clickbait/fake news/blatant attempt to extract money and the Michael from taxpayers.

    Did any UK media report this as if it was a real story?

  4. In that case should we not stop the international aid budget as the money is clearly needed here? For the children’s sake.

  5. Apparently it ranked by variance from the score they expected you to have, so as Saudi wasn’t expected to be high their variance wasn’t as bad, or some such silly nonsense.
    The main complaints about the U.K. seemed to be to do with refugees and illegal immigrants rather than the actual rights of British kids

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