What’s the difference between social democracy and a social market economy? Aren’t they not broadly identical?

Tim Worstall, former Journalist
Answered just now
Very similar indeed. Which isn’t much use if you’re Anthony Giddens and want to sell everyone your new idea. So, you propose what is social democracy, call it a social market economy and go count your book royalties.

Sure, that’s cynical but not all that far from the truth either.

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  1. @Mr Ecks May 7, 2020 at 8:47 am

    Sargon ‘s latest piece has an account of a Chinese researcher in the US who was about to announce his conclusions as to the CCPvirus origin–and has now been shot dead by another Chinese who then committed suicide. Obviously another set of co-incidences Theo–happens all the time

    – Akkad agrees with Guy Verhoffstat on COVID-19
    Strange (Clintonesque) murder followed by suicide in USA
    Some in WHO demanding China comes clean

    – Trump administration going after China ‘in way we haven’t seen’

    – Pompeo addresses China’s lack of transparency in COVID-19 handling

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Aren’t they not? Are they?

    One might tend to associate Soziale Marktwirtschaft with FRG’s CDU party rather than the opposition SPD where S&D stand for social and democrat. That said, subsequently not much changed to the economic model under the chancellorships of Willi Brandt and Helmut Schmidt.

  3. I’d say, NHS = social democratic party’s (generic “party”) view of how public health should be managed and controlled.

  4. I’m hearing Harry is selling his guns because ‘Meghan doesn’t like it’.

    American forces Brit to get rid of guns. What a world we live in.

  5. @Agammamon

    Harry’s Freedom: Forbden to eat meat, shoot, fish, hunt, ride, have fun

    Harry and Meghan disliked media outlets who didn’t ‘grovel enough’
    – “Harper Collins UK has announced Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, which will be published on August 11

    The author’s claim they have been given “unique access” to the couple’s friends, but a spokesperson for the couple say they did not contribute to the book directly.

    Earlier this year, the couple said they would deny access to a slew of UK tabloids because of what they called “distorted, false or invasive” stories.

    Mr Bolt said if the royals were really concerned about privacy, they would not have cooperated in any way with it.

    “The problem I have is with the idea of Meghan and Harry having their close friends cooperate,’ he said.

    “Isn’t this the kind of invasion of privacy they’ve been complaining about?”

    “Didn’t Markle have security guards chase away a man at Wimbledon who was simply taking a selfie near her, and hasn’t Markle tried to sue a newspaper publishing parts of a letter she wrote to her father?”

    “It seems these royals weren’t really that upset with journalists invading their privacy”.

    “It’s that they didn’t grovel quite enough”

  6. Pcar
    Maybe public have had enough of NHS worship after so many dancing nurses/docs/cops in full PPE vids

    Comes across to me like the guards in a labour camp putting on s musical to “cheer up” the inmates.

  7. Ooh went down the rabbit hole for a bit there. Read Tim’s link- nice snark Tim. Then read Tim’s post about Ireland GNP and GDP 5 years old. Kind of had that in the back of my head but good to have refreshed it.- wondered whether in lock down the GNP-GDP evens up.Anyway, inexplicably clicked on a quora recomended link on some guy’s reason why UK doesn’t invade Ireland. I say reason.. dissertation would be more accurate.

    got to this bit

    “Fifthly, the Irish have an infamous reputation for stubbornness, guerrilla activity, and an abundance of patience. We waited and fought for 700 years to gain the nation we have today, we would wait 700 more if we had to.”

    -don’t mess with the patient irish… snapped me out of it fortunately, back to TW.com

  8. Give it another 20 years and the native Irish will be a much smaller fraction of the population anyway.

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