Entirely correct

Not that we expect this to apply is the accused is a Republican but still:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has spoken out in support of Joe Biden, telling CNN that when it comes to accusations of sexual assault, “not every claim is equal”.

“We need to give people an opportunity to tell their story,” Whitmer said. “Then we have a duty to vet it.”

We also have a system that does it. A court.

18 thoughts on “Entirely correct”

  1. Still, if you want to shout sexual assault, you need to do it at the time.

    Apparently, this one did.

  2. The brazen hypocrisy of the left is gob-smacking.

    Kavanaugh–guilty without a first never mind second thought. But one of theirs –due process/ innocent until proven guilty.

  3. Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has spoken out in support of Joe Biden,

    The parasites have seen a vulnerable but juicy host and they’re swarming in to see who gets to burrow inside.

    She’s shaking that money-maker to get his attention in the hopes to be a VP pick.

  4. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Watching Gretchen Whitmer self-destruct has been one of the more interesting sideshows of the pandemic. Six months ago she was considered a rising star and potential VP candidate. Now she is political poison. Her response to the pandemic was late, illogical, ineffective and hamfisted. She’s facing increasing unrest amongst MI’s population, open opposition in the legislature, and because she can’t shut up, continues to remind everyone of her arrogance and imperious nature.

    And last week Joe Biden was stupid enough to publicly say he’s been “advising” Whitmer on how to handle the pandemic… Which probably means that MI go solidly Republican in November.

  5. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    It’s fun watching the Democrats do everything they can to alienate women voters… A bloc they have to energize in a big way to have any chance of winning in November.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    Not forgetting the way boys were treated after the Title IX changes fully supported by Biden. Now all Trump has to do is say, “mothers, think what they’ll do to your sons next time”.

    It really is going to be popcorn time, we know negative campaigning doesn’t work against Trump, they blew all those opportunities in 2016, so he’ll have nothing holding him back Trump’s campaign ads.

  7. Just helps to substantiate the theory that anyone with ambitions for elected office is not someone you’d want to succeed.

  8. @Dennis

    Yep, Wretched Whitmore’s hole is 500ft deep now and she’s still digging; Cali Gov doing same

    Georgia Gov “Let people be responsible and do what’s best” – correct

    Wretched Whitmore – Trump’s transparency on display at Fox News town hall

    Are state Governors on shaky legal ground with stay-at-home orders?

    Wuhan Virus Pandemic? No, Scamdemic
    Month Six and
    Global Population ~7.8 Billion – 7,800,000,000
    Global Deaths <300,000 (<0.004%)

    Avg Annual Flu Deaths just in UK is ~25,000 and all cause annual deaths in UK ~680,000

  9. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    When the largest daily newspaper in MI (the predictably liberal Detroit Free Press) unfavorably compares the pandemic response of MI’s Democrat governor to OH’s Republican governor, you know things are bad in MI.

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