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And bank lending is now the only way we now have to create all the money that we need to make the economy work.

So government doesn’t have to create the money we need? It is not necessary to run a budget deficit in order to create money therefore?

Doesn’t that rather……oh, sorry, forgot, stump thinking.

7 thoughts on “Gosh!”

  1. The wonder is that Spudhead is not the most stupid person in the country. That honour is held by all those pricks who wear gloves and masks in public places without the slightest notion of why they are wearing them. If they were infected, then they do their best to spread the virus as widely as possible by touching their faces and as many objects as possible. If they were not infected, they soon would be if they came close to any surface carrying a viral load. Total morons!

  2. @Bravefart – if it wasn’t for the justice system resources he wastes, I would have a slight admiration for his continued success in getting morons to fund his pointless nonsense.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    It might be interesting and not what they wish for.

    I keeping asking those who reckon that lack of PPE is the government’s fault what act of commission or omission led to it and so far haven’t had any credible response. When I point out that the government told the NHS and PHE that money wasn’t a problem there’s not much else government could do that would make them responsible i get stoney silence.

    It would be rather amusing if the government had to lodge documents with the court that showed the shortage had in fact been caused by PHE and NHS incompetence.

  4. That in a nutshell is why the government is foolish to run the NHS.

    All hospital services should be outsourced to hospitals, which are independently owned and run by private sector companies. Such as is the case in all the countries whose healthcare systems have performed better than the NHS for decades, not just in this crisis.

  5. I see Spud has backed himself into one of his many corners, this time on pension tax relief.

    He argues that in calculating the cost of pension tax relief, it is wrong to deduct tax collected today from pensions paid today from pension tax relief given today because the pension tax collected today relates to pension tax relief given in the past.

    This, he says, is not a ‘true and fair’ figure.

    He then goes on to calculate his ‘true and fair’ cost of pension tax relief today giving no dedcution at all for tax collected on pensions. But how can that be ‘true and fair’?

    By his own ‘rules’ he should be giving a deduction for pension tax to be collected in the future, even if that has to be an estimate.

    I know someone pointed this out to him hours ago. His intellectual dishonesty shines through as he hasn’t answered.

  6. @BiND, Jack the dog

    Spot on. PPE shortage due to incompetent NHS & PHE senior management

    Seems Wuhan Virus emerged before November, China cover up Oct-19 through Jan-20

    Not on BBC, ITV, C4, SkyUK
    US and UK intelligence agencies are currently reviewing a private analysis of cellphone location data which shows the Wuhan Institute of Virology “shut down from October 7 through to October 24”.

    “It suggests there may have been a ‘hazardous event’ at the facility sometime between October 6 and 11”

    COVID-19 leaking from Wuhan laboratory is the ‘only plausible explanation’
    “Author”? Prof Clive Hamilton says the idea the coronavirus originated in December in a Wuhan wet market “simply doesn’t stack up,” as evidence mounts that the virus in fact leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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