How aptly this describes the basic situation

On Saturday, for the first time in almost 50 years, we observe Europe Day without the United Kingdom as a member state of the European Union.

Nobody in Britain has ever observed Europe Day. Not even in the sense of looking over and pondering what the wogs across the Channel are doing.

Which does rather neatly describe the relationship between the British and the European Union, doesn’t it?

23 thoughts on “How aptly this describes the basic situation”

  1. “I much prefer international Speak Like a Pirate Day.”

    For me it’s ” Owen Jones is a Wanker Day”. (21st December for those interested.)

  2. ha- wonder what’s more impressive EU diplomat guy coralling 27 ambassadors to sign his vapid puff text, getting anyone to publish it, or getting us to read it.

  3. When I was tiny there was something called Empire Day. I didn’t hear about it at the time nor for many decades later. WKPD tells me that in 1958 it was renamed Commonwealth Day. I’ve never heard of that before either.

    If I had heard of either I suspect I might have dismissed them as something for Londoners – much as I dismiss most royal stuff. And Londoners are essentially foreign, are they not? Not English; indeed scarcely British.

  4. I haven’t been able to keep up. I didn’t know you were out. I thought the latest lie was December 2020 you get out.

  5. Dearieme’s post reminds me of the Private Eye cartoon by Bill Tidy.
    An old colonel is coming out of the British Museum and pokes a guard with his stick :

    “Rameses II was a bloody wog, not British !”

  6. I knew Empire Day, but only because I was born on it. I think Commonwealth Day, if that’s still a thing, moved somewhere else at some point. Somebody in the bowels of Whitehall didn’t like me, or conversely, saved me from embarrassment.

  7. @bis

    Chortle. Killing Welsh in Chester on Sundays still legal iirc

    Europe Day? Will 2020 be Victory over Europe – VEII ?

    Hmm, why should we care? They’ve never cared about us. With VE Day in news, reminds us RoI supported Germany same as SNP did
    – Ireland fears economic ‘Armageddon’ if Boris Johnson rejects EU’s Brexit delay

  8. Nobody in Britain has ever observed Europe Day

    Observed? Never heard of it

    VE Day 75th: 50th Celebrations where I was born and returned for a week of celebrations. Bonus was meeting Prince Andrew in Bangor Castle
    (Security: he arrived & left in one of three identical Mil Helis with no ID numbers)
    He missed Red Arrows display (not flypast). Firework display from North Pier much, much better than vid and multiple searchlights, it was very good. I was on sea lapped rocks beyond end of spit where Pickie was

    Inc Red Arrows display (not flypast) – was on top of North Pier

    Bangor Main Street 1993, all fixed by May 1995

  9. Well here in Guernsey 9 May is Liberation Day-when the Nazi occupation ended !
    So Europe Day (which I’d never heard of either) was never going to catch on.

  10. It’s obscurity here is yet another example of how most Remainers, even the most deranged, had close to zero interest in the EU until the prospect of us leaving arose.
    Then they were scrambling around desperately for any but the most trivial reason for us to stay in the damned thing.
    I can’t help thinking that it’s less that they loved the EU and more that they despised Britain.

  11. How can anybody have been celebrating Europe day with the UK as a member of the EU for 50 years, when the EU has only existed since 1992?

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