How long do you think it’ll take?

Far-right activists are posing as journalists in a “deplorable” bid to spread fake news about Muslims breaking lockdown, the government’s Islamophobia advisor has warned.

How long before anyone saying anything even vaguely possible to describe as islamophobia is outed as being on of these poseurs? After all, it’s a pretty easy logical switch to make, isn’t it……get everyone to believe the NF are doing this, then insist that anyone doing it is NF.

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    Only when one reads to the bottom of the article does one get this in the final two paragraphs:

    West Yorkshire Police is also aware of an individual from outside the force area stating he would visit Mosques in West Yorkshire to see if they were complying with lockdown.
    “He was visited by officers from another police force area regarding the essential travel element of lockdown, and we are not aware that he or other groups have carried out such activity at Mosques in the West Yorkshire region.”

    It rather looks as though the imam accusing others of peddling fake news is peddling fake news.

  2. The Ro[P have been organised propagandists for 14 centuries. As a perusal of David Woods website will show –their source material is so full of holes etc they have to be.

    It needs organisation to counter their tripe–except we have marx-owned CoE. Who should be in the front line. Well they are–but it is the RoP’s frontline not ours.

  3. Others have pointed out that there is evidence from the continent that the diversity are not taking the lock down seriously, yet none from the UK. Either the UK’s diversity is remarkably civic minded or the [email protected] Office is covering for them.

  4. Claims of ‘racism’, ‘Islamaphobia’ and ‘antisemitism’ seem to get the authorities and the media very excited these days. The rape and abuse of tens of thousands of English girls; the bombings, stabbings and shootings of English people by our multi-culti neighbours though, not so much.

  5. There’s some truth in the story. Pal sent me some video he’d shot of the mosque opposite his business premises in Watford, open for business & crowded with large groups of the RoP gathered outside. Police presence? Nowhere to be seen

  6. I suppose that widely reported Muslim funeral, including a Labour MP in attendance, was the “far right” wearing greasepaint.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Might this be contributing to the puzzling higher mortality among Pakistani/Bangladeshi than among Indian folk?

  8. Does the Government have an adviser on Grooming gangs? Or on the problems that people leaving Islam face?

  9. ‘Far-right posing as journalists to spread fake news’

    M’kay. Don’t you have to be a journalist to spread news? So they weren’t posing.

    Cirrusly. ‘Far-right posing as journalists asking questions around mosque.’

    Fixed it. Pendantry, you say?

    ‘He said: “We’ve had reports that people have been going around mosques [in West Yorkshire] pretending to be independent journalists and talking to people, and effectively again trying to gather information and trying to make some footage saying muslims are still congregating….’

    Ahhh, Gabriella Swerling made it up. English is a difficult language, especially for British journalists.

  10. “the problems that people leaving Islam face”: the last time I knew a Mussulman well enough for him to speak frankly, he said that he wanted to go to live in a particular West European country because he expected that there he would be free of religious threats. He was not a believer and just wanted to lead an ordinary civil life in safety.

  11. people have been going around mosques [in West Yorkshire] pretending to be independent journalists and talking to people, and effectively again trying to gather information

    Pretending? That sounds a lot more like journalism than what most people on the UK nationals and TV news do.

  12. Bit like ‘misogynistic’ being thrown around, some hockey players were dropped by their teams after a private social media chat was leaked, the media said it was ‘misogynistic’, they were making comments about some girls weight etc., not polite but really just laddish pub behaviour (don’t think much of yours etc).
    Yet the media is full of misogynistic and their respective organisations drop them for misconduct playing along

  13. fake news about Muslims breaking lockdown

    Problem being it’s not ‘fake news’. BBC & CNN not reporting it is the “fake news”; it’s true news all over world – Paris being one hotspot

    Referring to Nigel Farage? Left and TPTB abhor his reports on illegal immigrants sailing across channel and the invasion ignored by Govt, Plod etc

    @MC May 11, 2020 at 7:36 am

    WTF does the government have an Islamaphobia adviser?


    Grooming Gang Rapists Remain Free in Rochdale Two Years After Facing Deportation

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