I misread this at first

Was Boris Johnson’s baby born early, and will he take paternity test? Everything we know so far

Eh? Thought he was acknowledging it already?

Ah, no:

Was Boris Johnson’s baby born early, and will he take paternity leave? Everything we know so far

But wouldn’t it be amusing if there was uncertainty?

8 thoughts on “I misread this at first”

  1. Andrew C, same with CCTV and armed robberies. Note to self, time to watch McVicar, haven’t seen it since the 80’s.

  2. We’d have a lot of confidence in it being Boris’s if Carrie’s dimensions fore to aft had reduced and side to side increased – Boris being a bit of a heavyweight!

    The Grauniad employs a real bunch of queynts, don’t they?

  3. Johnson can concern himself with the child after he has halted his attempts to make the rest of us economic waifs and strays out in some very cold winds. Plutonian at the rate the idiot is moving.

  4. Met Boris a couple of times ..shorter fatter and woolier in real life. Its always interesting note the mutual incomprehension between septics and Brits …

    ” Can you not see that bald fat blond lying fanny grabbing chancer is an irresponsible joke ?”
    Each presses cultural buttons that to the other side of the ponds are a complete mystery – Salesman / Etonian — Fast Talker wheeler dealer / A bit Posh and funny
    A bit sharp and dishonest/ A bit vague and idle

    They should swap country for a week then everyone would see what cunts they both are

  5. A shame that Indian you lectured about as to his colour didn’t kick your fucking arrogant head in Facepaint.

  6. Paternity test?

    Good idea, father might be the bottle of red wine

    Paternity leave? If Boris does he’s finished

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