I’d missed all of this

Once worth an estimated £3 billion, Mr Stunt had his assets and cash frozen at the High Court in 2018 at the request of the CPS in a ‘proceeds of crime’ restraint order.

Last June, he was declared bankrupt and, in March this year, his £11 million luxury cottage in Belgravia was repossessed along with his two apartments overlooking Chelsea Harbour, each worth £5 million.

How could I have missed all of this? He always did strike as being mouth and no trousers. And even Bernie E, who knows about these things, said he couldn’t work out where the money had come from. I’ve even commented on that gold dealing business, which is a poor person’s idea of how people get or stay rich.

How could I have missed all this deliciousness?

13 thoughts on “I’d missed all of this”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    the theft took place months after his divorce to Ms Ecclestone

    He presumably got married from her.

  2. Once worth an estimated £3 billion

    That’s ‘estimated’ in the sense of ‘completely fabricated’.

    Stunt’s godfather is gangster Terry Adams. I’m sure he was more than happy to front Stunt a few quid to help get his hand in Bernie’s pocket.

  3. Luckily, Ms Ecclestone wasn’t christened Cupid….

    …even if it might have been appropriate.

  4. Didn’t he claim £50 million or £100 million or some stupid made-up figure like that had been stolen?

  5. ” Didn’t he claim £50 million or £100 million or some stupid made-up figure like that had been stolen?”

    Are we sure he isn’t a Nigerian Prince?

  6. Yeah part of the alleged fraud seems quite interesting – supposedly used forged fine art that was mis-valued as equity in his company and, I presume, security for a loan.

    Was never quite sure what Petra saw in him, but my understanding is that Bernie’s background isn’t too dissimilar to the Adams family. So maybe it’s a roots thing.

    Would love to hear the full story one day.

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