It also suggested that the government introduce clauses that make any support they provide repayable on demand if companies are found to be involved in unlawful tax avoidance.

Impossible. If it’s illegal then it’s not tax avoidance, if it’s tax avoidance then it’s not illegal.

The phrase they’re not using but should is “tax evasion”.

8 thoughts on “Idiots”

  1. Itellyounothing

    If they want anyone going back to work, Government should make all the assistance they have provided a loan to companies and individuals…..

  2. Dividends are paid out of income after tax has been paid …
    So they have already paid their UK tax. Now “Tax Watch” wants us to deduct tax (which tax?) from dividends paid to companies in Luxembourg but not to companies in Belgium!

  3. I note the prof mentioned going to Ely Tescos, a company which he has repeatedly cited and referenced as a heinous tax avoider.

    Why does the corpulent cvnt not waddle to the Ely Co-op or Waitrose to put his ethics into practice?

    Surely he can’t be driving to shop when everything seems to be so close to his gaff – that would not be very green at all.

  4. Illegal avoidance = evasion.
    Avoidance = legal minimisation
    But the expression is carefully chosen to confuse.

  5. As predicted: Left and Black/Brown CV-19 Crime and Fraud

    1 German Islamists Raided over Coronavirus Aid Fraud Allegations

    2 Far-Left Antifa Extremists Suspects in Mass Sabotage of Internet Infrastructure

    3 Ferguson’s Dodgy Model Has Engendered a World-Historical Blunder

    EU at it too
    Hmm, why should we care? You’ve never cared about us. With VE Day in news, reminds us RoI supported Germany same as SNP did
    – Ireland fears economic ‘Armageddon’ if Boris Johnson rejects EU’s Brexit delay

  6. @ Pcar
    If Varadkar hadn’t been too greedy in his manoeuvering to annex Northern Ireland, May’s deal would probably have been passed by the HoC (surrendering Gibraltar was the “No way, Jose” for me but I’m not in the HoC) so we should tell Varadkar that it’s all his own fault and he should apologise to his constituents.

  7. ‘Imperial College’s Dodgy Model Has Engendered a World-Historical Blunder’

    Fixed it.

    Delingpole lets Imperial College off the hook. Alice Gast must go. Ferguson had a history of royal screw ups, yet Gast did nothing to supervise his work. She let a known foul up represent the university.

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