In hand?

Lap dancers and dog breeders target of cash-in-hand tax probes

I am, of course, entirely ignorant of such things but is it really hands that the cash gets put into?

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  1. ’ HMRC focuses on sectors where it believes tax evasion and avoidance are rife, said Pinsent.’

    Except the Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travelling sectors…

  2. @ JuliaM

    It’s the CUNTs culture isn’t it not paying tax (or indeed any positive contribution to society)?

  3. Julia, or the other group, the Community of Uneducated Non-integrating Terrorist Sympathisers.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    The dog-breeder I last had dealings with insisted on folding the Kennel Club certificate and chip details into my garter.

  5. this is one of the positives of LVT. You just get taxed on your property. You don’t have to count the fivers given to strippers (and if they don’t declare 10% of it, how would you ever prove it?)

  6. Frankly speaking and purely in order to protect the interests of the KuRaJus StATe, I would volunteer to probe some lap dancers…..

  7. Aren’t Lapps (and Poles) protected minority ethnics, and thereby protected from the depredations of the (racist) state? After all, their culture includes their dancing …

  8. @BOM4

    Well you get taxed on the unimproved value of your property, so someone has to pop along and assess that and there’ll be all kinds of arguments over something that is somewhat subjective, so it’s not totally paperwork-free. But you’re right it removes a lot of the incentives to lie or the practicalities of doing so (though realistically LVT isn’t going to replace income tax in this country, if it does come in it will only complement it!).

    I reckon you’re right that 10 percent undeclared might be something a stripper can get away with, too much faff trying to reconcile tax returns with bank accounts and apparent cash spending. I wonder what the limit is. If she didn’t declare 90% then that would presumably be pretty risky if the tax authorities are any good at their jobs – difference between declared income and lifestyle ought to be pretty glaring. I wonder how many people fail declare say 20 or 30% on the grounds they think that’s just about what they can get away with, based on limits on what they can buy in cash etc?

  9. The Meissen Bison

    MBE: something a stripper can get away with […]If she didn’t declare

    I’m torn between pointing out that you are making unsupported assumptions here today and congratulating you for being an old fashioned sort of chap, a scion of a more innocent age.

  10. Well, it certainly hope it is for the dog breeders. Otherwise the pooches might be a bit upset.

  11. @TMB

    Hah! I almost wrote (s)he actually, but I figure female strippers likely earn rather more so the question of what they can get away with is a little more interesting…

  12. There are two justifications for tax. One is to make money for the fiscus. But there are loopholes that cost more to close than the tax they would raise. This brings us to the second justification namely, no matter the cost, to inflict biblical punishment on the evil, and as any puritan can tell you, lap dancers are particularly burnable witches. Dog breeders, well, it’s not dogs that I have the problem with, it’s other people’s dogs.

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