Isn’t this just great from The Guardian?

Donald Trump is culpable in the deaths of thousands of Americans by using the coronavirus pandemic to boost his electoral prospects and line the pockets of big business, Prof Noam Chomsky has said.

Well, OK, that’s the sort of thing we’d expect Noam to be saying, sure. But look who is writing this guff:

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

And there are those who wonder why we don;t believe everything that The G tells us about economics…..

12 thoughts on “Isn’t this just great from The Guardian?”

  1. Culpable?

    Weasel word. If you want to call him a murderer, at least have the courage to say it.

  2. Imagine the President using current events for political advantage. Luckily, no Democrat would ever do that.

  3. One day Trump is a nazi and a fascist and making USA a totalitarian state, the next he’s none of that enough.

    How can one close the society and implement drastic measures on liberty when the virus is no more that a rumour and not widely seen by the public?

  4. Bloody second language skills…”the next he’s none of that enough.” doesn’t look right but you know what I mean.

  5. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    I’m disappointed to hear that Noam Chomsky is still alive. I’d assumed he’d taken his rightful place next to Edward Said and Howard Zinn in the bowels of Hell.

  6. Wait, are you saying there is something you’d believe the Guardian might say about economics?

    Guardianistas are a pure 50-50 mix of concentrated stupidity and dishonesty and if something they write is either correct or truthful they regard it as a horrible mistake.

  7. Chomsky’s that interesting but, unfortunately, not rare animal that’s both fiendishly intelligent and a complete fucking idiot!

  8. I know that feeling, BJ. After having read Eric Foner’s “Reconstruction,” I found out that he is a communist. The book is excellent. I hadn’t noticed the slightest hint of commie crap in the book.

  9. It’s been pointed out by others that the media were not interested in Covid at first, but once the Trump impeachment collapsed they were quick to find a distraction and went into full pandemic panic

  10. Distracting from real News?

    Transcripts released by The House Intelligence Committee show the Democrats, lead by congressman Adam Schiff, pushed the Russian “collusion lie” in order to oust President Donald Trump from office
    “Obama Official Evelyn Farkas admits she lied to MSNBC about evince of Russia-Trump collusion”

    CV-19: We’re learning a lot from Politicians & Govts words and actions about their hidden agendas & allegiances
    Why Trudeau struggles with Taiwan’s very existence

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