Lord he’s a grotty little shit, isn’t he?

Colin Hines:

This radically new approach will involve listening to climate experts, funding the transition needed through massive government borrowing and introducing policies to curb our “freedoms” to travel, eat and consume in ways that threaten the planet.

The peasants will have to do as I say.

At its heart must be a labour-intensive social infrastructure

That means peasant work for the peasants too.

28 thoughts on “Lord he’s a grotty little shit, isn’t he?”

  1. Just to go a little deeper – I keep a large veggie plot in my garden. I do it for pleasure. I have time. The mangetout, purple and green have just given me the first cropping. Eat your hearts out, even raw they are a ‘manjar’.

    But if I had to feed my family (two grown ups are back with us for the duration of the Wuhan Virus scare) it would break my back and we would be skinny as rakes. A bad year would kill us.

    All these sh*ts who are enamoured of labour intensive work have no clue what subsistence farming (or hard labour on a building site digging trenches in clay, in the rain, with a bloody shovel said the 18 year old me working through his holidays) is like.

    What seems to float his boat would be like what we have now on stilts. But without the thought that one day we might get back to where we were. Just enduring drudgery, illness and early death.

    He can bu**er off back where he came from.

  2. policies to curb our “freedoms” to travel, eat and consume in ways that threaten the planet.

    Combined with

    At its heart must be a labour-intensive social infrastructure

    So he wants to limit calories and variety while massively increasing the energy expended in their work.
    The only logical conclusion is that this would result in lots of people working themselves to death.

    What’s the thinking?
    Arbeit Macht Frei I guess…

  3. ‘funding the transition needed through massive government borrowing ‘ oh how we laughed, just after the biggest government borrowing in history, he also thinks the “austerity battered” public sector should be revitalised with yet more money thrown at it, they really do live in a parallel universe.

  4. Following on from what Bilbaoboy says,
    It always strikes me that the people most vocal about how we should be returning to more physically intensive labor are the ones who work inside in offices.

    If the idea is that good, why aren’t they leading the charge, working night shifts in factories or in winter on building sites?

  5. ‘Polly Toynbee’s demand for a dramatically fairer reversal of the impact of “wealth on health”’

    EVERYONE must die!

  6. “If the idea is that good, why aren’t they leading the charge, working night shifts in factories or in winter on building sites?”

    Without the use of power tools or machinery.

  7. The full title pf NEF’s Green New Deal (2008) is, ‘A Green New Deal: Joined-up policies to solve the triple crunch of the credit crisis, climate change and high oil prices’.

    Twelve years later, there’s no noticeable man-made climate change, no credit crisis and oil prices are very low.

  8. He’s channeling Pol Pot.
    That worked out just fine, didn’t it, with all the skilled people forced into manual labour and slowly starved to death in the fields.

  9. Just as long as Mr Hines with his special insight, understanding and knowledge is on the politburo that gets to assign the objectives, everything will be just fine – for him! For the rest, it will be 18-hour days, 7 days a week, for starvation rations and the promise of a better future achieved through hard work. They talk about equality and the one percent. There’s nothing more unequal than a communist society where the few; the very, very few at the top have all and the rest have nothing.

    One possible silver lining: all the SJWs, diversity coordinators, equality and enablement managers will be first to perish, given that they have no discernible skills useful for a life of physical manual effort. Separated from their devices they are lost.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Completely OT.

    One of those stats that at first you think what? And then immediately realise its obvious.

    Average wages in the USA have risen 7.9% whilst 35% of jobs have been destroyed.

    This also gets to the point we we’re making on here (and elsewhere) that one of the reasons average wages weren’t rising as unemployment dell was that most of the new jobs were at the bottom end of the wage scale. There’s no satisfaction in seeing a point being proved in the wild.

  11. Saw some figures that lockdown will only reduce emissions by 8%-10% this year, so imagine what ‘carbon free’ would require

  12. Noticable that the BBC are no longer running death figures as headlines.

    I wonder what the cut-off will be from the daily announcement. “43 people died today with the virus”. Yawn. 1,450 will have died of other causes on the same day.

    Whatever the figure, there will be an outcry that “evil heartless Tories don’t care about the 43 people who died today”

  13. @BiND
    Good find. Doubtless similar here

    Teachers Unions members don’t want to go back to work – not safe: like rest of public sector they’re on full pay and doing nothing

    No public sector employees have been furloughed

    More Bad News

    Grooming Gang Rapists Remain Free in Rochdale Two Years After Facing Deportation

    Boris Govt Makes Special Deal to Fly In Illegal Immigrants from Greece Despite Pandemic</a?

    @Andrew C +1

  14. Teachers Unions members don’t want to go back to work – not safe: like rest of public sector they’re on full pay and doing nothing.

    I doubt they are doing “nothing”. I’m as busy now teaching as I was when at school, although some of that is that as Head of Department I have a LOT of planning to do. It’s actually more stressful at present, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into a classroom and taking it easy.

    Fortunately NZ is leaving lockdown and the government, to their credit, is saying students should go back to school. It will be interesting to see how many bedwetting parents decline. We have effectively no cases any more, but the fear is now deeply embedded in a lot of people.

    If schools don’t reopen in the UK, do they really think students will stay at home if their parents have to go out?

  15. EU & Germany

    You Will Obey
    Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission said that EU law has “primacy over national law” following a ruling from a German court that the European Central Bank’s bailout scheme was unconstitutional

    No surprise, it’s what I said is inevitable and same will happen here, probably a Rhino V spike too
    Germany: Cases of Coronavirus Spike After Lockdown Restrictions Eased

    True, sadly
    Malta Ambassador Says Merkel Has ‘Fulfilled Hitler’s Dream to Control Europe’

    Well said Prof Püschel
    Germany’s Bild Newspaper Says ‘Lockdown Was a Huge Mistake’
    “Prof. Klaus Püschel, for instance, a respected pathologist and head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Hamburg University Hospital, argues that “in the end, COVID-19 is a viral disease like the flu, which in most cases is harmless and is only fatal in exceptional cases”

  16. The unions are actually onto a good suggestion there. Anybody in a union, stay at home, everybody else go back to earning a living.

  17. Colin Hines’ home base

    The Green New Deal Group is, in alphabetical order:

    Larry Elliott, Economics Editor of the Guardian, Colin Hines, Co-Director of Finance for the Future, former head of Greenpeace International’s Economics Unit, Jeremy Leggett, founder and Chairman of Solarcentury and SolarAid, Clive Lewis, Labour MP, Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP, Richard Murphy, Professor of Practice, City University, Director Tax Research LLP, Ann Pettifor, Director, Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), Charles Secrett, Advisor on Sustainable Development, former Director of Friends of the Earth, Andrew Simms, Co-Director, New Weather Institute, Coordinator, The Rapid Transition Alliance, Assistant Director, Scientists for Global Responsibility. Geoff Tily Senior Economist, TUC.

    sooo… The Sage of Ely and that harridan from Brighton are in there ….


  18. I have no objection provided Hines and his lot do all the intensive labour while the rest of us lean back with our feet up.

    But I noticed back when this Green nonsense started that the newspapers extolled the heroism of those green saints who trekked off into the bush to live in harmony with nature. They’ve never since mentioned what happened to them, though they’ve certainly pushed the idea that WE should do what people like Hines want.

  19. I have no objection provided Hines and his lot do all the intensive labour while the rest of us lean back with our feet up.

    actually no…

    This is a ballot box circumventing effort at targeting and subverting legislators and public servants.

    The Green “new dealers” are subversive grotty little shits with a totalitarian streak – fuck ’em.

  20. @rhoda klapp Monday 11th May 2020 at 11:33

    Details of Simon Dolan’s Court Action against the government’s oppressive and possibly unlawful policies
    For those who are interested, here are some details of the planned court case against the government’s shutdown of the country, launched by the businessman Simon Dolan, and of how you may support it if you wish to do so

    @TomO May 12, 2020 at 12:10 am
    Useful, thanks

  21. FFS, stopped listening to Nick Ferrari for a while, he’s demanding government and perhaps PM, to personally apply the new rules to each and every person in the UK. Individual advice. 67 million permutations.
    Leave a parcel for 72 hours before opening. What if I ordered wood screws? Yes. What about me? I ordered a book. Yes, you too.
    Perhaps people just are so fucking stupid.

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