More testing needs to be done here

Chinese researchers who tested the sperm of men infected with Covid-19 found a minority had the new coronavirus in their semen, opening up a small chance the disease could be sexually transmitted, scientists have said.

A study by doctors at China’s Shangqiu municipal hospital of 38 men hospitalised with the disease found that six of them(16%), tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 in their semen.

Interesting. So what now needs to be done is get some women hot to trot, sample them secretions and see.

Because it if turns up in bodily fluids then which fluids does it turn up in?

15 thoughts on “More testing needs to be done here”

  1. of 38 men hospitalised with the disease

    Despite what Carry On films portray, it’s highly unlikely that any patients in will be getting laid during their stay in hospital.

    The real question is whether they still had SARS-CoV-2 in their semen after their symptoms cleared.

  2. Active, or bits of? Has anyone tested flu in the same way? And does this have anything to do with shagger Ferguson?

  3. “Get some women hot to trot”

    Antonia Staats has been trotting round to shag Neil Ferguson, who admits he had the CV virus. She would be an idea candidate for testing…

  4. This virus goes for the bollocks, which are full of the ACE2 that it loves. After the illness they will be, to coin a phrase, knackered. There will be no semen for a long time. The micro-thrombosis aspect won’t do them a lot of good either.

  5. So for those blokes over 70 who survived, they won’t need a condom to stop them spawning, eh?

    Easier than having the tubes snipped.

    Lucky feckers,but tough on Carrie.

  6. Grikath, amateur conspiracy theorist during weekends


    So what you’re saying is that CoVid really could be something developed by the Chinese to curb their population growth/elderly problem, but got hyjacked by the RadFems as a Solution to their Male Problem and spread globally..

    Now to make this a facebook meme… 3:)

  7. Sorry to appear naive, but if a gentleman is cream-crackered, laid low by Bat Flu and he is not feeling, shall we say, up to it, how would semen samples be extracted from said gentleman?
    Willy and the hand-jive?

  8. grikath, your ‘So what you’re saying is..’ would be a stretch even for Kathy Newman. Kudos.

  9. “So for those blokes over 70 who survived, they won’t need a condom to stop them spawning, eh?“

    Bernie Ecclestone’s gonna be upset, then.

  10. “how would semen samples be extracted from said gentleman?”

    Shangqiu municipal hospital is now my favorite hospital.

  11. @ Gamecock
    Depends on how they do it. Doe-eyed Chinese lass OK but, if as Tractor Gent suggests, plugged into the mains with a probe up your bum, maybe not.

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