Well, yes George:

There is also a real story to be told about the co-option and capture of some environmental groups by the industries they should hold to account. A remarkable number of large conservation organisations take money from fossil fuel companies. This is a disgrace. But rather than pinning the blame where it lies, Planet of the Humans concentrates its attacks on Bill McKibben, the co-founder of 350.org, who takes no money from any of his campaigning work.

The allegation is that organisations take money. That an individual does not take money from one of those organisations is not a refutation of the point now, is it?

A slightly different question though. Does McKibbin take fees for the articles he writes? Given the number of them that would be an interesting income right there…..

And George, really, you’ve revealed yourself here:

the structural, systemic causes of our predicament: inequality, oligarchic power, capitalism.

None of which are the causes of our environmental problems and at least one of which is going to be the cure for them.

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  1. OT

    “Just as I am also sorry that I did not get back to everyone who has donated to the blog in the last week. I am incredibly grateful to all who have done so. Around £4,000 has been committed within a week. That’s an amazing start.

    Thank you.

    That said, I admit that from October I have no income that I know about right now. Of course, things may happen between now and then, but I don’t know what at present.

    So I admit I was wondering whether to link these two ideas? I have a very strong feeling that better resources are needed. From reactions received it seems some people here think I have something to offer. I have already begun working on some ideas, including scripts for audio and video, although when I sent the post in question to a publisher and suggested there was a demand for new material in the form of a book the reaction was very negative: they just did not get it.”

    Time for me to make a small donation to our genial host here I think.

  2. So he’s noticed that Michael Moore doesn’t bother with the truth when a lie suits his book. MM made his name with “Roger and Me” which was a tissue of lies, so Monbiot describes him as “a hero of the left” (eerily reminiscent of the title “Hero of the Soviet Union”.
    George claims to have attacked biofuels since 2004 but he happily includes Biomass in “Renewables” when it suits his book and ignores days when the interconnectors from the continent provide more electricity than wind and solar combined to claim that they are a solution (instead of being *part of* a solution.

  3. “Amazing start / Keep it coming, folks.”

    That was my reaction, along with – surely he’s capable of phrasing it a whole lot more subtle than that…..

  4. Perhaps our resident tax accountants can advise the likely implications of sourcing income via the begging bowl.

  5. “Bill McKibben, the co-founder of 350.org, who takes no money from any of his campaigning work.”

    Takes no money, or takes no money after expenses? The former being considerably more hair shirted than the latter. We all know how ‘expenses’ can be manipulated, ask an MP. For example if a ‘campaigner’ were to say he worked from home, a certain % of housing costs could be assigned to expenses. Ditto the cost of running a car. If you fancied a trip to New York, just get some speaking gig lined up, hey presto, flights and hotel costs, plus ‘a reasonable food allowance’ could all be passed off as expenses. You could live a pretty nice life on ‘expenses’ from a ‘non-profit’ organisation, and legally claim ‘I never take a penny!’

  6. @Jim

    If Google rebranded as a ‘non-profit’ organisation and paid all excess to staff as bonuses, would Left then love how they pay no Corporation Tax?

    You’d think Left would already love Google due to their censorship of Right and End-Lockdown

    The Coronavirus lockdown is unlawful and the fines issued are void
    NHS Told to Register Coronavirus as Cause of Death of as many as possible

  7. ‘A remarkable number of large conservation organisations take money from fossil fuel companies. This is a disgrace.’

    Pecunia non olet.

    Better conservation organisations fold up than do things with money from fossil fuel companies. The same mentality as no PPE gown is better than wearing out of spec gowns.

    Begging the question fallacy, anyway. The only evidence he provides is a link to one of his own articles, mean mouthing R D Shell. Maybe ‘remarkable’ means something different in English English.

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