Not only in the time of the coronavirus

Packed beaches on hottest day put police under pressure as tourists warned not to venture into Wales

Good advice at any time…..

12 thoughts on “Not only in the time of the coronavirus”

  1. The English taxpayer pays for Wales, he ought at least to be able to visit to see how the natives are squandering his hard-earned.

  2. Went to the beach yesterday. Can confirm: car parks overflowing, beach crowded, social distancing roundly ignored. It was wonderful.

  3. Come on, Tim. Where else is it legal to shag sheep?

    In Afghanistan, OK, it’s goats. But sheep? And they’re up for it, boyo.

  4. Nowadays you need permission to go across the border, and probably an internal passport. Remember when we used to mock countries that had those things?

    Seriously, any national assembly or parliament which restricts cross-border travel in Britain, or the UK for that matter, needs to be disciplined. IMHO by withdrawal of finance.

  5. Come on, Tim. Where else is it legal to shag sheep?

    Round here it’s nearly mandatory. But the locals get the book thrown at them if they get the pronouns wrong.

  6. Witchie,
    According to some Quranic scholars, Muslims can have sex with a goat or a sheep, but must kill it afterwards as it is then unclean. The carcass can not be cooked and eaten by those in the same village, but it can be sold to those in another village. As there are quite a few Muslims in Wales, I stopped eating Welsh lamb years ago.

  7. My wife once pointed out that it was the first time she’d visited my hometown (in Wales) and it wasn’t raining, this was after we had been married for 3 years

  8. @Ummmm

    If your wife thinks Wales is wet, visit West coast of Ireland. There’s reasons most live on East. As for Scotland & Glasgow – numpty Left inhabit it

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