Thank you for holding this conference. It is important.

Thank you, too, for asking me to speak.

When I wrote the first version of what we now know of as country-by-country reporting in 2003 I could not have imagined a day like this would happen.

5 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. Presumably the version written in hieroglyphics were copied by a time-travelling Egyptian Archdeacon. [I’ve just listened, at my wife’s suggestion, to an interesting lecture on obelisks and the twin obelisks built in Benevento have hieroglyphs explaining that the local temple of Isis was in a foreign land and the commissioning magistrate was a foreigner – we know that Pharoahs exacted tribute from Nubia and, sometimes, Palestine, Libya …, so Pharoah’s accounts were on a country-by-country basis]

  2. There is no OECD conference today, last I checked…indeed all are currently cancelled or postponed.

    Odd, no?

  3. I realise it’s futile to expect joined up English from Spud, but “know of as”? I may know of something, I may know it as something else, but “know of as” is a new construction to me.

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