Oh, tee hee

Twitter’s anti-porn filters have blocked Dominic Cummings’ name despite Boris Johnson’s chief adviser dominating British political news for almost a week, the Guardian can reveal.

As a result of the filtering, trending topics over the past five days have instead included a variety of misspellings of his name, including #cummnings, #dominiccummigs and #sackcummimgs, as well as his first name on its own, the hashtag #sackdom, and the place names Durham, County Durham and Barnard Castle.

The filter also affects suggested hashtags, meaning users who tried to type #dominiccummings were instead presented with one of the misspelled variations to auto-complete, helping them trend instead.

This sort of accidental filtering has gained a name in computer science: the Scunthorpe problem, so-called because of the Lincolnshire town’s regular issues with such censorship.

Bizarrely, the shortened hashtag #cumgate has also trended, since the first word of the sentence is not included in Twitter’s filter list,

Might be a bit of time before AIs actually rule the world….

12 thoughts on “Oh, tee hee”

  1. Pity Twitter does not ban “hard”, then it’d be free of Richard Murphy’s asinine points

  2. For us oldies the question used to be: “If TYPHOO put the Tea in Britain, who put the cunt in Scunthorpe?”

    (The answer was usually Kevin Keegan.)

  3. “..and the place names Durham, County Durham and Barnard Castle.”


    ” Phwoar, look at the Barnard Castles on ‘er!”

  4. Wonderfully there is a font Scunthorpe Sans that uses ligatures to automatically censor swear words, but ‘with a special exemption for “Scunthorpe”; that town has suffered enough’.

  5. @AtC
    Very good, I’d not heard of it. I may buy the T shirt. Also, I learned about ligatures. Bonus.

  6. Three football clubs’ names fall foul of these filters. Scunthorpe, Arsenal and effing Manchester United.

  7. Our local newspaper website wouldn’t let you comment on the traffic problems on P****tone Road.

  8. Was wondering if the strategy is to just let the press go so far with this everyone stops caring as they keep trying to flog a dead horse and reasonable people start feeling sorry for Cummings.
    It’s worked well for Trump, but he much more actively Trolls the media to get them to act the way he wants

  9. In Canada Trudeau has been travelling between the equivalent of Chequers where his family is and the equivalent of No.10, he brushed it off as being just like anyone else commuting into the city to do their job when it was raised.
    Also saw a comment from an M.P. who had split from his wife that he was in London when police were called to his ex-house due to a birthday party and stated that MP’s had continued to travel between London and their constituencies during lockdown. He himself had travelled from London to North Wales and is one of the Conservatives calling for Cummings to go apparently.

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