Only 25% of BAME doctors are stupid

Over three-quarters of BAME doctors fear they will contract Covid-19

For of course all doctors should fear contracting it. It’s not a nice disease.

True, how much they should can vary but…..

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    It would be nice if all doctors feared it, so they don’t become complacent.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    On the contrary 25% of them are sensible: people who are afraid risk doing irrational things.

  3. According to the HSJ the infection rates of NHS staff mirror the infection rates of the general public.
    And out of NHS staff, no anaesthetist, nor surgeon nor nurse working in intensive care has died. That’s zero, nada, zilch.
    If you use the PPE correctly you can work even in infectious environments with no greater risk than stying home.

  4. Vitamin D: NICE doesn’t promote it, the NHS doesn’t incentivise testing vit D levels or prescibing it for people whose complexions make them particularly unsuitable for living at high latitudes without supplementation and a pharmaceutical industry that makes money out of sick npeople not those with a welltuned immune system. The centralised nature of the UK system, both in providing healthcare and in training providers, makes it difficult for mavericks and dissidents to get a hearing, let alone initiate a debate. Groupthink rules across all hues, covid just exposes some of the problems.

  5. this has always been bothersome to me GPs see ill infectious people all day everyday. Do they just catch everything and get immune or what?

  6. The NHS estimate is thst 20% of patients in hospital for other reason are contracting Covid 19 as exclusively reported in the Guardian.
    The fear does not seem unreasonable on the face of it

  7. “Fear they will contract” does not mean “fear contracting.” The first fear is about the odds of catching it; the other is about the dangers of catching it. Simples.

  8. “Vitamin D: NICE doesn’t promote it, the NHS doesn’t incentivise testing …”

    But the NHS website has recommended taking Vit D, at least in winter, for ages, hasn’t it?

    The notion that taking Vit D is a “mavericks and dissidents” thing seems ludicrous to me. Maybe taking 7000 IU per day in winter is for “mavericks and dissidents” and maybe they are right. I’ll grant you that the medical trades seem to be stodgy when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements; certainly the good Dr Kendrick believes that.

    But then the medical trades can be really daft – see the NHS advice about a healthy diet, for instance – the same lethal government propaganda as it’s been pushing for years. Doesn’t that make you hesitate before you urge a bigger role for arms of government in deciding what we pop in our pie-holes?

  9. The NHS recommends taking enough Vit D to avoid rickets and other deficiency conditions. The claim for vit D currently is that it helps the innate immune system. The NHS does not test for vitamin D, it does not recommend anything to take before you get covid or indeed if you have mild symptoms. It does not (seem to) encourage initiatives by front-line doctors to try to find treatments. There are a couple of things which may be working elsewhere which are not allowed by the NHS. See the EVMS covid protocol for instances.

    (Usual disclaimer, I see things on the internet. My judgment about how useful they are is as good as the next idiot’s.)

  10. Dearieme: taling vitamin supplements may appear in pamphlets but when last did your GP or other NHS point of contact enquire? It’s certainly not advice BAME staff adhere to(I started asking in 2005 when research on vit D and the immune system came out and kept getting blank stares until Iretired a decade later). As you note the food pyramid continues to be promoted by nutrutionists and diabetic clinics, despite the mountain of evidence that it promotes metabolic syndrome leading to type2 diabetes, high blood pressure and gout.

  11. I’m a bit diabetic. When as part of my initiation they gave me an interview with a NHS nutritionist, she was 5ft tall. And 5ft wide.

  12. Gamecock is not a doctor. He feared catching everything he studied. It seems everything has enough symptoms that you probably have something roughly matching. I even thought I had sheep liver flukes.

    If Gamecock were a doctor, he’d still fear everything.

  13. The NHS estimate is thst 20% of patients in hospital for other reason are contracting Covid 19 as exclusively reported in the Guardian.

    And what is the rate of MHRSA infections in post-op patients? The sainted NHS – great at killing rather than curing.

  14. Here’s the opinion of the devisers of the EVMS protocol:

    It is our collective opinion that the historically high levels of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 is due to a single factor: the widespread and inappropriate reluctance amongst intensivists to employ anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant treatments, including corticosteroid therapy early in the course of a patient’s hospitalization.

    AFAIK it is still NHS policy to avoid the mentioned treatments.

  15. O/T but Corona-related.
    Here, this region has moved to stage 2 of removal of lockdown. Some of the shops are re-opening. Of those re-opening, half are closing for their usual 3 hour lunch break. Rather proves the contention, the Dagos are a lazy bunch don’t like work. And they expect N. Europe – meaning Germany – to bail out their economy? You can see how that would play to a German…

  16. Since the general risk of mortality from Covid-19 is approaching zero, the alleged increased risk for some ethnic groups is very little of nearly nothing.

    The risk of contracting the disease at all or more than in a mild form after infection is also very low if the subject is fit and healthy.

    If doctors of any hue do not understand that, it does explain the dire condition of ‘health care’.

    From 30 years experience dealing with doctors, I can confirm they are not the brightest buttons in the box.

  17. @Chris Miller
    Compared to where? UK shops have been moving towards later opening for years. And many open Sundays. Spain’s still largely a graveyard on Domingo.
    And bear in mind the distancing requirements mean shops now have a slower thruput. They have customers queueing outside. Has to act as a deterrent to prospective customers.
    If I was a shopkeeper here trying to recover from 2 months shutdown I’d be opening any hours I could.* But I’m not Dago.

    *I was talking with a guy has a shop sells electronic cigarettes. I asked him “Why do you close for lunch? You’re selling something’s largely an impulse purchase. Attracts people passing by your shop. People are going to be passing your shop in their lunch break” “But we always shut for lunch” Spanish mentality. They don’t do innovation.

  18. Vitamin D. Good sources include: liver, red meat, milk, cheese, eggs (yolk). All things that it is recommended by the Health Gestapo should be avoided in a ‘healthy’ diet.

    It is not necessary, nor recommended to take Vitamin supplements if you have an adequate varied diet.

  19. Vitamin D. Good sources include: liver, red meat, milk, cheese, eggs (yolk). All things that it is recommended by the Health Gestapo should be avoided in a ‘healthy’ diet.

    They eat all that stuff here and we have loadsasunshine (too much at the moment, it is 42 today) yet taking Vitamin D suppliments is very common here apparently… Not just randomly, prescribed by quackters…

  20. I happened to mention to my GP that I took a magnesium supplement, (magnesium glycinate). “That’s good,” he told me.

    But no Dr has ever actually recommended any supplement to me. I guess they are constrained from actually recommending anything not on their list of prescription medicines.

    I was in dock for about four days ten years ago and the ward they put me in was full of old gits who couldn’t sleep at night and had irregular bowel movements; two conditions for which I find Mg supplementation a great help in overcoming. But no medico would ever try giving a ward full of patients anything like that even tough it would make the hospital staff’s life easier as well as the patients.

  21. Mushrooms are a good vegan-compliant source of vitamin D, but they have to be mushrooms grown in sunlight, not generic supermarket mushrooms that are usually grown in the dark. Fungii are closer to animals than to plants and have similar vitamin-D generating system.

  22. djc – thanks – so minimal infectious load is theorised to produce mild symptoms and immunity.

  23. Bloke in North Dorset


    My GP recommend glucosamine when I had some bad arthrites behind my knee cap. She said the jury was out and it didn’t seem to work for everyone but she had recommended it to her mother and it had worked. I can happily report that after about 3 months I was pain free and can know kneel quite happily.

  24. @Ljh, rhoda klapp

    #OrangeManBad Thus, NHS won’t use:

    More proof hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine work
    Ignored by the UK MSM and medical establishment as #OrangeManBad

    Taking before infection mostly prevents, taking asap when infected reduces symptoms and speeds recovery. Taking when in ICU (UK tests to confirm #OrangeManBad) makes less difference

    @BiG still on ‘more tests needed, let people die loop”

  25. Good News – BBC Silent:
    – Trump and Aus PM has been ‘massively vindicated’ as 62 nation coalition backs China Wuhan COVID-19 inquiry

    – Hmm, towards end Gutfeld said “Right are risk averse, Left aren’t” Reverse is my experience in UK, from sport [Bobsleigh, luge skeleton], recreation [fox-hunting] to business Right take the risk. Is USA different?

    – USA Uni Prof arrested for selling Wuhan Virus research to China CCP

    – China admits to intentionally ‘destroying’ COVID-19 virus samples

    Inquiry – Bring it on, but forbid UN, WHO, EU being involved

  26. Kevin B, +1 on magnesium glycinate. It is a supplement that has NOTICEABLE effects.

    Better sleep, reduced cramping. Inclined leg press at the gym, I’d get 7-8 reps in then cramp up. Now, at 15 reps, I stop because my muscles are exhausted.

    “two conditions for which I find Mg supplementation a great help in overcoming”

    Surprising. Magnesium citrate, not glycinate, is the one indicated for bowel problems.

  27. David, that’s the best theory. New case rates/deaths is trending down. No explanation has been offered by the experts as to why.

    Additionally, if true, it means CV-19 isn’t near as dangerous as thought.

  28. @Gamecock

    Additionally, if true, it means CV-19 isn’t near as dangerous as thought

    Well, I’ve been saying it’s a “nothing burger” for months. imo 0.003% of global population dead With CV19 after 6-7 months supports this

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