Probably so

‘Stay alert’ – the government’s new coronavirus slogan falls flat

It could just be that Boris and his Cabinet compadres are too young.

There used to be an ad campaign. For, umm, milk I think? Which had as the tagline “Be Alert – your country needs lerts”.

Or maybe that was graffiti following such a campaign or summat.

Certainly, I recall some such from around, umm, 1973 or 1974?

Straws and milk. And, I think, the Kilroy was here figure.

Update – Ah, yes, as the first comment shows, it’s my memory that’s confused.

18 thoughts on “Probably so”

  1. Wasn’t it Humphrey, for milk?

    Watch out, watch out, watch out…. There’s a Humphrey about!

  2. A good tagline for them would be “We done f*cked up.”

    But that would mean politicos admitting failure, so not going to happen.

  3. Lerts

    An unattributed bit of graffito that I remember seeing in one of those old Nigel Rees compilation books of Graffiti. Probably the first one, Graffiti Lives OK published in 1979, which means I’ve mentally stored this arcane piece of useless trivia for 28 bloody years, since I was seven years old. Curse my eidetic memory!

  4. “Be Alert – your country needs lerts”
    I can remember that, no later than early 70s, possibly late 60s. Anyone with earlier memories?

  5. “Stay Alert” is stupid for something we can’t see, hear, smell of feel.

    – “Take Responsibility For Your Actions”
    – “Apply Common Sense”
    – “Life Involves Risks”
    – “Perspective, We All Die Someday”

    Wasn’t Milk ‘Drink A Pinta Day’? When a teenager I drank 4 pints a day, 1 with 3 raw eggs

    – A finger of fudge is….
    – It’s tasty, tasty, very…
    – Go to work on an…
    – Everyone’s a … Fruit and Nut case

    The conundrum:
    – Why do Flammable and Inflammable mean same?

    The sh1t slogan suggests Cummings has told Boris “You’re being a prat, not helping you”

  6. As far as British political scum and this entire mess goes “Nice one Cyril” is the slogan of choice.

  7. A few from the memory bank:
    “it looks good, tastes good and by golly does you good”
    “That’s handy Arry, stick it in the oven”
    “The man from *** *****, says yes”
    “Dad, do you know the piano’s on my foot”
    “Peter Wyngarde smells…….Great”
    And who could forget this bit of 70’s advertising: (Ok not 70’s but…..).

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