Sexism! Sexism!

On coronavirus, men are calling all the shots. We’re seeing why it matters
Gaby Hinsliff

Women are naturally more cautious: would the government have made so many missteps over the lockdown if it was more inclusive?

But men and women are the same, right? Which is why outcomes must be gender equal.

Hmm? Men and women are in fact different? So what’s the beef with outcomes being different then?

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  1. She should boast about the difference. Women wash their hands, take care of their appearance, which goes a long way to explain why men are hospitalised at several times the rate of women.

  2. And children are grubby but they don’t get it all.

    Sitting quietly and breathing though your nose doesn’t spread it but raising your voice does. Men are more likely to raise their voice. Honestly, we can play this game all night.

  3. She has this interesting little throw-away snippet:

    “They may be less likely to die of it, but surveys show women seem more frightened of the virus…”

    So we need more women determining policy on something which threatens their lives less? Is that because they want to feel yet more safe than the men, or is it because it needs sensible women to look after all those male silly billies who can’t care for themselves?

  4. Gendered differences: “…women are more likely to use sunscreen, wear seatbelts and to say they’d wear a face mask in public.”

    It’s true. If I see a sign saying “Keep off the grass” it often translates as “go on, I dare you”. If Mrs G. sees the same sign it doesn’t just mean keep off the grass, it says “under penalty of two days in the stocks and deportation to Australia.” Rules is rules, you see. That said, I’ve lost count of the times she’s naively followed me over a cliff because I told her it was a good idea.

  5. ” Women are naturally more cautious:”

    Wait, I thought women were ‘stunning and brave’ or ‘fierce’. Now they’re ‘cautious’?

  6. Jacinta Ardern is not being praised for her cautiousness.

    The goalposts just keep moving.

  7. Women are more likely *to need to* wear seatbelts – they have more accidents per mile driven.
    So maybe they take fewer risks because a significantly larger proportion of the risks that they do take cause accidents?

  8. “Wait, I thought women were ‘stunning and brave’ or ‘fierce’. Now they’re ‘cautious’?”

    Its whichever suits the argument at the time of course.

  9. So what about Wee Jimmy Krankie in Scotland or Arlene and Miss Piggy in NI? Have they done anything much differently? Answer: No, apart for some empty political grandstanding to play to their base.

  10. @JuliaM “You’re expecting logic from the ‘Guardian’..?”

    Well, you can’t expect accuracy. A couple of days ago they had “A recent study published by the not-for-profit research group medRxiv”. Simply reading the “about us” page on medRxiv would have shown it is a preprint server used for medical research papers, not a research group.

  11. “Women are naturally more cautious”

    Yes, but that’s a double-edged sword. It’s why almost nothing was ever invented by women. It’s why tech companies led by women either keep doing what they’re doing, or just jump on what’s already established.

    We’d still be living in caves and picking berries from trees is women ran things.

    Or in the case of Covid-19, it might mean staying locked down longer than you should.

  12. Pelosi used America’s credit card to spend $3trillion on “relief.” Fvcking brilliant.

    The Senate has told her to put the damn card away.

  13. Pelosi used America’s credit card to spend $3trillion on “relief.”

    What did she buy? 200 more of those monster fridges?

  14. BonM4:

    It’s why tech companies led by women either keep doing what they’re doing, or just jump on what’s already established.

    Well, to be fair, some of ’em develop and promote technology that doesn’t exist.

  15. “We’d still be living in caves and picking berries from trees is women ran things.”

    Welcome to Chez Bernie. Fortunately I like berries…and the cave has underfloor heating.

  16. dcardno,

    Other than not getting out before it crashed and finding a country without an extradition treaty, Elizabeth Holmes was a genius.

    As well as being photogenic, it also courted all the “unconventional science” people who think Big Pharma are ripping them off and the whole “sisters are doing it for themselves” crowd. They even managed to get written up as “Silicon Valley” even though none of the big Silicon Valley VC companies invested anything in them (because they thought it sounded like snake oil).

    I’m kinda amazed how much money Walgreens threw at them. Like, they’re a huge pharmacist who really should have people who could look over this stuff.

  17. We’re having a real bitch fight in Australia between the ridiculously over-cautious Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland, who is talking of keeping the borders closed until September which will destroy the state’s tourism industry, and Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW, who is keen to get the economy moving. The number of new cases per day in each state is running at between zero and three for the most part.

    Despite Queensland having just thirteen active cases and most of the state not having had any new cases or active cases for weeks (some areas never recorded a single case) we can still only travel 150km which isn’t very far in regional Queensland. Our youngest daughter graduated last year and started a position in Maryborough, 250km from her brother and his family, and most of her friends, in Brisbane and 700km from us. It is absolutely mad that we cannot go and see her.

  18. BonM4
    Yes, Elizabeth Holmes almost hit a home run level fraud.* For some reason, lots of male tech entrepreneurs are charismatic leaders. Holmes’ hero – Steve Jobs of course, but also Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Jerry three sticks, Andy Grove, even Bill Gates in his own way. I can’t think of any charismatic female tech entrepreneurs, except the one who was a fraud. Meg Whitman? Carly Fiorina? You might consider Whitman as ‘almost founder’ at eBay – she was in pretty early. I don’t think Fiorina ever worked for a company with fewer that 10K employees, so she was hardly en entrepreneur. Maybe that just reveals my lack of knowledge.

    *Funny story: a high school friend’s father was a stock promoter who was pushing some questionable mining property. He thought it was worth nothing, but that he could make a good profit on a pump & dump; this was going to be his ‘one big score.’ He also thought he could go to jail, so he transferred assets to Peru; his research said it was the best place to live off investment income that didn’t have an extradition treaty for financial crimes. The plan was to skip town for Lima after the profit and before the criminal charges. Well – it turned out that the ‘worthless’ mining property was economically viable, and an actual operating mine was built. Unfortunately, that meant he had taxable income, and therefore income taxes to pay – but his assets were all in Peru, and he hadn’t checked on how easy it would be to repatriate cash in a hurry (apparently very difficult). He couldn’t get the funds to pay his taxes, and so ended up fleeing to Peru, anyway!

  19. ‘To grow up as a girl is so often to grow up being told that the world is a perilous place full of chances to get it horribly wrong, where if something bad happens it will probably be your fault somehow.

    Women are positively encouraged to question and doubt themselves, to check and double-check before venturing an opinion in case someone thinks it’s stupid; to play it safe if in doubt. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that research shows women are more likely than men to anticipate a bad outcome from taking a risk, and therefore less likely to take risks in the first place.’

    OMG! How horrible.

    So tell me, honey britches, who raised you so badly? Who raised all of the other poorly raised women?

    Hint: Starts with an “M.”

    Turns out, they were raised by FEMALES! Their mothers.

    “We have met the enemy, and SHE is us.”

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