Snippa and local tax offices

As we know the Sage has spent a decade bemoaning the closing of local tax offices. That he’s been paid by the taxman’s union to say so is only an aside. But there’s good reason to get rid of such local offices:

Oliver Stanley was the most unpopular man in Weymouth when the Labour chancellor James Callaghan announced a swathe of new taxes after the 1964 general election. Overnight, the tax inspector found himself a pariah in the Dorset town. “We taxed everyone and everything that moved,” he recalled. “The grocer was enormously helpful to my wife, he kept bringing her groceries. Other people looked the other way when I passed.”

When the local tax inspector starts picking over the carcasses of those being taxed then the local tax inspector risks becoming something suitable for the crows to pick over.

Or, as we might put it, The Curajus State can only exist if those exacting to pay for it are not locally known.

When Stanley was awarded an honorary fellowship at Liverpool John Moores University in 2011, Professor Frank Sanderson said: “His view was that if people were attacked by confiscatory tax rates, they should be able to defend themselves.”

Exactly what the Sage insists should not be allowed of course.

5 thoughts on “Snippa and local tax offices”

  1. ““The grocer was enormously helpful to my wife, he kept bringing her groceries. Other people looked the other way when I passed.””….hhmmm…

    They looked the other way because they were ashamed on behalf of this cuckold?

  2. I wasn’t sure whether it was Jussi’s or Mr Lud’s reading that was correct. It was the ’60s; could have been either.

  3. It’s like I’ve said before, when our cottage hospital was run by uncle Bert, and staffed by cousin Mary and the Town Council treasurer was cousin Bill and uncle Wilf did the town road maintainance, when Alderman Pannett lived next door to the plumber… people didn’t slack off because the service users were their own friends and family. When That London stole our hospital – that we had paid for out of kiddies pennies and thruppennies, and were still paying the mortgage for – when they stole our waterworks, when they stole the electricity supply system, it was run and controlled by strangers in a far-off land.

  4. imo local Tax, DVLA offices etc were and would be very useful. If you need/want today or can’t get answer/resolution by a call centre, online form (email verboten) talking to a name & face frequently works

    @Tim W
    Your R on R is going OTT, you’re now nitpicking and disagreeing for the sake of it

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