So here’s a new euphemism

OutRage! turns 30: LGBT activists seek truth over police role
Peter Tatchell among gay rights campaigners who say they were infiltrated by undercover officers

As in, is it Snippa who infiltrates the donkey or the other way around?

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  1. They resented the resources police dedicated to anti-gay operations and raids on public toilets long after homosexuality had been formally decriminalised.

    They’re just like us, bigots. I’m sure we’ve all had hundreds of anonymous sexual encounters in public facilities. Love is love, even when it’s hiding in the rhododendrons with an erection.

    It also condemned homophobia which had become more prevalent following the 1980s Aids epidemic and the Conservatives’ section 28 legislation that banned promotion of homosexuality.

    Dunno, but this sounds like campaignerssay.txt

    The 80’s were more house-fearing than the 70’s or 60’s? Seems unlikely.

    Nota benny that the “gay community” responded to the AIDS crisis by… continuing to have lots of risky sex in public toilets. Well, whose fault is that?

    Many arrests were under 19th-century laws against “indecency” that were poorly defined and not finally repealed until 2003.

    Thankfully nothing like that would ever happen today, unless you report on illegal happenings at a mosque or tell off-colour jokes on YouTube or get into an argument with Twitter trannies, natch.

  2. So Pete has got literally nothing current to protest about then? To be fair, it’s probably because he can’t go and bother homophobes in foreign at the mo and also doesn’t want to be linked with the Tranny Madness. Don’t see why he can’t just read a book, or send some stern emails to the Middle East.

  3. Imagine your a police constable who has just joined what he thinks is an elite undercover unit of the police.” Sir – what’s by first assignment? – international terrorist group? crazed anarchists ? “No pc 999 – I want you to pretend to be a gaylord and hang around in gents toilets” What a bummer (hopefully not literally)

  4. raids on public toilets long after homosexuality had been formally decriminalised

    Let’s apply that logic to a few other fields:

    * “raids on IRA terrorists long after Irish independence”
    * “raids on drug dealers long after prohibition ended”
    * “raids on people sunbathing during lockdown”

    Two out of three ain’t bad.

  5. unlikely there are any cottager plod hybrid children about though, which is after all why the inquiry was set up- when swampy cop chimyras started to come out of the woodwork.

  6. Undercover police infiltrating gay rights groups, eh? Taking it up the pooper in the line of duty has to be worth the Queens Police Medal at the very least.

  7. Decriminalisation didn’t suddenly make soliciting for sex in a public toilet any less of a criminal offence, you could argue that as it was now decriminalised that that sort of behaviour was even more reprehensible.

  8. Conservatives’ section 28 legislation that banned promotion of homosexuality In Schools

    Fixed. Section 28 was correct, banning promotion does not mean attacking homosexuality. In 80s we had lots of Gay & TV in pop charts, most didn’t care. Teachers encouraging emotion & sex is wrong, be neutral and silent

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