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That wimmin’s soccer case

From a PR email:

The argument that maternity leave is some sort of substitute for paying women players the same rate for winning as men is not valid, nor fair, nor equal.

Err, it is Honey, it is.

9 thoughts on “That wimmin’s soccer case”

  1. Let’s compromise. Stadiums are a sunk cost and not used at away games or Sundays. So let the girls have their game. They pay for the daily expenses (security, ref, floodlighting if an evening match) and they can keep the rest of the gate receipts to share among themselves.
    Can’t say fairer than that.

  2. Presumably this is national teams? – i mean club team mates don’t get paid the same, and school girls and boys alike can figure out the reason why.

  3. This is a case concerning the US wimmin’s team. Their contract has lower win bonuses than the men’s team. It also has central salaries, subsidies to their club wages, maternity pay, a full time nanny for any brat, full health care, dental and so on. The men’s team is on match fees and bonuses only.

    The wimmin then went out and won more matches and trophies. Thus they say they’re underpaid. That could be. But they’re couching it in equal pay terms, which ain’t. The women would have been paid more under the male contract. The men would have been paid more under the female – given the win rate of each team.

    But, you know, equal pay!

  4. The entitlement of toxic cunts like Megan Rapinoe is a sight to behold.

    They signed a “safe” contract, and now the results are in, they want the rewards of the “risky” option.

    Obnoxious and greedy – well that’s feminism for you.

  5. “The men would have been paid more under the female – given the win rate of each team.”
    Then the men have a EO case then, at least in PR email/ lazy journo world.

  6. “Employers pay what they have to pay to attract and retain people who can do what they want done.” – GC

    The key question is how many applications for employment do they have on file. The question is not, “What does someone else make?”

    This is politics of envy, one of the Left’s favorite games.

  7. Just have a men’s vs women’s match. Winner takes all. The ladies couldn’t possibly object to that, them being better an all.

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