The horror, the horror

Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy played into the hands of nationalists?
Gina Gustavsson
Talk of Swedish exceptionalism and wounded national pride has echoes of the forces unleashed in Britain by Brexit

How are we going to propagate the liberal international world order if some damn disease comes along and messes things up?

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  1. Questions we can answer:

    “Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy played into the hands of nationalists?”

    Not half as much as the lockdown has played into the hands of the globalists.

  2. Former chief epidemiologist Johan Giesecke explains the failure to protect the elderly in nursing homes with reference to “asylum seekers” and “refugees” on the staff, who “may not always be understanding the information”.

    Which is a problem that the other side imported. And now that the costs are becoming apparent, and not just in this, they may pay the cost.

    What is not reported is that although Sweden’s rate is much higher than its neighbours, it isn’t following the curves that were the basis for the lockdowns in the rest of the West. The goal posts have been moved. Their health system was meant to be utterly swamped by now.

  3. It’s typical how those types always trot out the “80-plus” and “50+ with (multiple) compound risk ailments” as being “refused treatment”. Usually in conjunction with “what could have been done/attempted”..

    And, of course, completely ignore the fact that even without CoVid these goups regularly get treatment “refused”….
    Because, well, old , and being Walking Dead for the younger group. And such things as “quality of life” and economic factors.

    There’s a difference to what could be done, and what is actually practical. And, in fact, humane…

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    The point about Sweden isn’t that it hasn’t locked down, it has, its just that its voluntary.

    People are working from home, bars and restaurants may be open but very few people are using them. Those photographs we see are taken with a long lens to compress the image and make people appear closer together (a trick that’s been used in UK on numerous occasions). Social distancing is being respected although there are reports that it isn’t in some poorer, mainly immigrant, areas which is where most deaths occur and there are many confounding issues around poverty eg health.

    They always said they would make it mandatory if their health care system looked like it would be overwhelmed and as Chester says, it hasn’t been.

    Somehow we moved from ensuring our health care system wasn’t overwhelmed, a policy I supported, to suppression and protecting all lives without any debate, a policy I don’t support given what we knew and and know.

  5. You are like one of those Green suburban white rastas who thinks because they once made a pot of jam they are not the beneficiaries of the global capitalism.It only functions thanks to the global Liberal world order and all three concepts matter.
    I don`t believe you Worstall; I think you are a bit fat phoney. I don`t believe you would really rather go to bed in Union Jack Boxers and witter on about some semi digested( and generally banal ) idea of our Great Nation, than fund services create job and live peaceful happy lives. You are just not stupid enough or young enough or old enough.
    You are middle aged like me, and unless you inhabit this on line sphere of perpetual adolescence in meat world, you overgrew this ridiculous pose years ago.

    CONFESS !!!
    Love Tommy Torquemada

  6. It is not clear whether lock-downs actually save lives. Even their proponents generally admit that their purpose is to “flatten the curve” – which means that approximately the same number of people will die from Winnie the Flu, only spread over a longer period. So in fact, the only thing the UK lock-down does is to Save Our NHS (PPE be upon it).

    I rather think that removes, forever, the basis for any demands of further increases in NHS funding. For we have now sacrificed some £100 million of immediate Government (i.e. taxpayer) funding into compensation of various kinds for the lock-down, plus the uncounted and probably uncountable losses in the general economy. My small business? The pension funds on which I was hoping to retire next year? Our village pub? Worthwhile sacrifices for the Wonder of the World, Oor NHS, also a gigantic and wasteful bureaucracy? Hmmm….

  7. From a 2016 article:
    Using figures from Sweden’s employment agency Arbetsförmedlingen and migration authorities Migrationsverket, SVT reported on Tuesday that 494 asylum seekers who arrived in 2015 have managed to find a job to support themselves while waiting for their application to get processed.

    A person who arrives in Sweden with valid identification documents and has applied for asylum is normally allowed to work despite not yet having a work or residence permit, if Migrationsverket grants them an exception.

    Such an exception is called the ‘at-und’ and usually gets processed automatically, reported SVT. However, only a third of asylum seekers aged 20-64 were given one in a year when Sweden received an unprecedented number of asylum claims.

    Couldn’t immediately find more recent numbers I’m afraid, but it looks it would have been a lot.

  8. @ AGN
    “It is not clear whether lock-downs actually save lives.”
    On the contrary, it seems that the lock-down is costing lives, at least in the UK – see Hector Drummond’s blog

  9. AGN,
    We can see their priority in the Mantra we hear every day:”Stay at home”, then “Protect the NHS”, and last of all “Save lives”

  10. Baron Jackfield

    @Silverite… “Protect the NHS”

    You will be burned for heresy! Don’t you know that the official religion demands that it’s always referred to as our NHS”??

  11. Only one good thing has come from Sweden and that is Jansson’s Frestelse ie Jansson’s creamy anchovy potato dish. I once explained this dish to Jonathan Meades, one has to use “anchovies” ie sprats in this salty brine from the sprat tin, not regular proper anchovies.

    In an oven casserole dish put layers of potatoes, onions softened in butter and anchovies. Cover with double cream + brine + salt + pepper (+ tomato paste + Kalle’s kaviar). If you are arsed sprinkle some breadcrumbs and pieces of butter on top.

    A good cheat is to use regular anchovies from those small glass jars mixed with some Geo Watkins anchovy sauce.

  12. The Meissen Bison

    Jussi: Only one good thing has come from Sweden

    Honestly, you Nordics, always beastly to one another. Finland gave the world Nokia phones (hmmm) and the Moomins (loved them) so Finland wins because that Swedish dish sounds repulsive.

  13. “Saab 9-3”

    The delay on the turbo was awesome. Overtaking manoeuvre – all clear, floor the accelerator, move out, in that order. Just as you finished moving across, there would be this firm kick in the backside…

  14. @Baron Jackfield

    I think you’ll find that the proper term for it is “Our NHS, Blessings be upon it.”

  15. Not half as much as the lockdown has played into the hands of the globalists.

    Dunno, I think this is a pretty hard kick in the balls for globorasts. And the ensuing economic destruction and supply chain disruption isn’t going to work in their favour either – need to keep people fat and happy and not wondering too loudly about why they have above-replacement-level immigration at the same time jobs are being offshored or automated, and who exactly benefits from this.

  16. + 1 BiND,

    I suspect that voluntary action and maybe banning where large crowd forms were all we needed. And I don’t mind that we took that as a precaution, but we don’t even have what we anticipated from a lockdown. The Nightingale is being closed. So, let’s re-assess this, shall we.

  17. Steve,

    “if you don’t want mass immigration, you’re a bigger racist than Hitler” is pretty much toast at this point. If you’ve tied yourself to that, gang, you just lost.

    But products and services? It won’t make much difference. It’s not a health risk, and no-one cared about buying phones from China before, so why should they now?

  18. BoM4 – I suspect the political fallout from this will take a long time to settle, and it’ll accelerate a trend that was already partially underway before Chinee Virus 19 – companies actively diversifying away from China. Trump saying, the other day, that it came from a Chinese lab is foreshadowing.

    Which probably won’t lead to t’phone factory being relocated oop north (North Vietnam, maybe), but does change the game in ways that weren’t previously in the plan, and won’t necessarily help Tim Cook afford more diamond-coated Faberge buttplugs.

  19. The Meissen Bison, Finland also gave the world AIV fodder and the political concept of “Finnlandisierung”.

  20. New Zealand has not been ventilating a lot of our old folk with CV. Given we have one die every two days, it’s not because we are overwhelmed.

    One of our deaths was a guy who very nearly died four months before. All ventilation would have done was hurt him more.

    Some of our bad cases don’t even go into icu. They don’t want to be “saved”.

  21. The Meissen Bison

    To be honest, I preferred the way the Moomins hibernated politely instead of clearing trenches in Wehrmacht uniforms and Moomin Mama, with her handbag, was a fictional precursor of Margaret Thatcher.

  22. Questions we can answer

    Has Sweden’s coronavirus strategy played into the hands of nationalists?

    NO. Polls show Swedes more trusting of establishment Gov due to the pragmatic ‘no lockdown’ strategy

    imo Sweden is correct as lockdown is delaying not preventing deaths and making all cause deaths higher

    Food for thought:
    Lockdown Making Virus more virulent?

    First seen:
    Alex on Monday 20th April 2020 at 11:37

    Now Spectator:
    Could the lockdown have side-effects no one has considered?
    This virus is still evolving

    Fixed: “No One in MSM/Gov/PHE has considered”

    Gov would learn more reading “right” blogs than they do obeying “Left” ‘scientists’

    eg “BAME” significantly higher vulnerability I’ve been posting since early March and saying Gov must be racist – and ignored for being racist

    As for MSM UK Death numbers:

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