They don’t

As Kate and Meghan fight over tights, why do the royals love hosiery so much?

Next question please.

Which is, when did the Torygraph start running rejects from the Mail’s sidebar of shame?

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  1. Wasn’t this the cue to say that line about Queen Anne rich enough to own silk stockings but none of her kids survived now everyone can wear’em and expect theirs to.

  2. Jussi,

    We had a fan belt go in the Kruger National Park in the late 80s. Obviously not somewhere one would be wearing stockings. MrsBud had a hotel sewing kit which she used to sew the belt back together. The repair got us back to camp and to the garage next morning.

  3. Meghan has horrible feet and rather spindly legs. She should always wear trousers and DrMartens.

  4. I’m not going to give the Terriblegraph a click but suspect the first half of the quoted sentence is simply untrue, as is the implication in the second half.

    The Telegraph’s quality is in freefall and sales are sure to follow.

  5. The “paper version” does still include a fair amount of interesting and readable content away from the front page.

    The online version, slanted heavily towards uni-party political preaching and mystifying (as in why even bother writing let alone highlighting them) soft-feminist ramblings, is another matter altogether. The online front page also features a high volume of puff-pieces about current bbc dramas – the programmes, not the actual network.

  6. Moqifen, bearing in mind what TMB said about her knees, flamingoes might be a better avian analogy .

  7. “She should always wear trousers and DrMartens.”

    And a large covid mask to conceal her simpering and manipulative facial expressions.

  8. The Telegraph does indeed seem to be dead on its feet. Its journalists seem mostly to be feminists, providing feminist reporting to older males! I perused a copy during the Philip Green scandal, and the Telegraph’s first five pages was little other than a personal attack on him. Apparently, he had said to one of his buyers (after a buying error), something like “I should throw you out of the window, but you’re so fat you would just bounce back in” – that was about the level of accusation, and it was pages of it.

  9. Whenever I see photographs of Princess Kate, I … er, excuse me, back in five….

    That girl has a cracking set of pins and a beautifully-turned ankle.

  10. Edward Lud said:
    “… photographs of Princess Kate … cracking set of pins and a beautifully-turned ankle”

    I’ve seen photos where they look very nice, and others where they look far to scrawny and angular. Never seen her in real life, so don’t know which pictures are more accurate.

  11. Are you mad, man?

    Where are these pics of which you speak?

    With all deference to Her Grace, obvs.

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