Things that ain’t so

Some people who work at McDonald’s have been subjected to sexual harrassment. Therefore McDonald’s should be sued.

Labor unions say one challenge is that McDonald’s insists it is not responsible for employees of its franchised operations, which make up over 90% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide.

“[McDonald’s Corporation] is the employer of all who wear the McDonald’s uniform,” said Kristjan Bragason, the general secretary of the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions.

As that second assertion ain’t true – either morally or in law – the case rather falls apart, doesn’t it?

16 thoughts on “Things that ain’t so”

  1. In fairness to Kristjan, he probably does understand there is no legal claim against the franchisor.

    But with a weak hand, he is looking to make head office look like the bad guys and turn it into a reputation issue. Say some stupid shit in the media and see what happens.

    If it sticks at least in part, he’s a winner, if not, he’s lost nothing.

    Worth trying it on.

  2. Imagine being an ambulance chasing lawyer called Lance Compo tho:

    “Mediation is the goal,” said Lance Compa, an international labor law specialist. “It’s not a case of winning or losing, it’s about coming together and finding a joint solution to this problem,”

    He said, laughingly, while spinning on the floor making “ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching” noises.

    “There is a new global paradigm – together we will eliminate this cancer of sexual harassment.”

    Narrator: No we won’t.

  3. TU used to produce tons of written ordure demanding that Co directors see the inside of a jail every time there was a fatal building site accident.

    When 1200 cases of crim negligence came up at Mid-Staffs Hosp–silence.

    They are simple hypocrites in every sense of the word.

  4. The employee, if he bears no responsibility, will have no incentive to behave well. The effect of making MacDo or any other corp the principal defendant will be to increase harassment, fraud, poor service, etc.

  5. There truly is no limit to the lack of understanding of the lefties.

    Because, if they had any clue about how the real world works, they wouldn’t be lefties.

  6. Killing the franchise business model has been a goal of the lefties for quite a number of years now.

  7. So, if I call a union official a fat twat, as the union failed to protect it’s member, that union can be sued?
    Where is the line, and can I join it?

  8. No-one’s being sued, they’re being complained about…to people who draw up guidelines for things.

  9. ‘Jamelia Fairley, a McDonald’s worker in Florida who has become a minimum-wage activist,’

    I have no clue what a ‘minimum-wage activist’ is.

    ‘alleged that a male coworker groped her and another male coworker asked how much it would cost to have sex with her one-year-old daughter. She said that after she reported the men’sbehavior, her hours were drastically cut.’

    Which had nothing to do with her being a ‘minimum wage activist.’

    ‘“No one should have to go through what we have been through,” she said.’

    We? Is she royalty?

    ‘The complaint, alleges that McDonald’s has failed to comply with the organization’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and is the first-ever case filed related to sexual harassment at a multinational.’

    Florida doesn’t care.

    ‘The complaint, filed at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s offices in the Netherlands’

    OECD has double ought zero authority in Florida.

    It could be as Mal Reynolds says, these people are stupid beyond comprehension. Or, as Steve suggests, this is just an attempted shakedown. I’d love to see Lance Compa arrested for it.

    Meanwhile, Guardian aids felonious activity.

  10. The complaint alleges that McDonald’s has failed to comply with the organization’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises…
    Sorry, but just what authority does the “International Union of Foodworkers” have, exactly? Mickey Dees has for years not complied with the Galactic Union of Dean’s Friends’ order to give Dcardno free food – when will the Graun cover that travesty? Somehow, it reminds me of Mike Mann’s suit that originally alleged the crime of disrespecting a Nobel Laureate (which Steyn didn’t, and Mike wasn’t, just for the record).

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