This is cool – Courtney Love was a trustafarian

Sure, not a vastly wealthy one but one all the same the same:

Risi, then 19, came from a wealthy family. Love’s grandparents provided her with a trust fund of $500 a month. This paid for the trip to Liverpool.

$500 a month is about $2,000 now – close enough as an income value. And yes, you can go slumming and hanging out with indy bands on that sorta money.

5 thoughts on “This is cool – Courtney Love was a trustafarian”

  1. As far as I can tell (wildly assuming that the Grauniad journalist was using normal grammar) the article says that it was Courtney Love’s *mother* who was a trustafarian.

  2. “Liverpool winters are cold”: and there was me thinking it had a mild west coast climate.

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