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French serial-killer expert admits serial lies, including murder of imaginary wife
Stéphane Bourgoin, whose books about murderers have sold millions, says he invented much of his experience, including training with FBI


An online investigation has exposed French author Stéphane Bourgoin, whose books about serial killers have sold millions of copies in France, as a serial liar.

Bourgoin is the author of more than 40 books and is widely viewed as a leading expert on murderers, having hosted a number of French television documentaries on the subject.

A profitable career then.

“I am profoundly and sincerely sorry. I am ashamed of what I did, it’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

No news as yet on where he’s going to send all the money illicitly gained…..

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  1. He said he had exaggerated and lied about his life because he had always felt he was not really loved

    Weird how some compulsive liars invent dead wives, and others invent country-by-country reporting.

  2. Is his money illicitly gained? People want to read books about murders. He provides them. Unless people have spent money or effort avoiding murderers on his say-so, there’s no real harm done. Most people read about murder as a recreation.

  3. All the best fiction starts with “based on actual events”.

    He might not have been an expert to begin, but surely after 40+ books he is one now?

  4. So move his books to the fiction section and get over it.

    ‘All the best fiction starts with “based on actual events”.’

    Mainstream media, too.

  5. Heh. Just move it to the fiction section of the library.

    He should explain he made his fortune playing make believe like many actors and supposed experts and he is keeping the cash for his favourite charity case. Himself.

  6. Presumably he talks and writes a good game, so he shouldn’t feel too guilty. Patrick O’Brian invented much of his personal history; it does not damage my enjoyment of his novels.

    In any case, does anyone really know much about serial killers? I know there’s a lot of questionable psychology and ‘profiling’, but does it have any success?

  7. MC,

    All that Cracker stuff is bullshit. Criminal profiling to find murderers is pseudoscience.

    I watch some of these late night things about murder investigations. And these are hard cases, not the wife murdering the husband for the life insurance, but stranger murders.

    The biggest thing that comes across is how much effort goes into just finding them. That’s the really hard, herculean effort. But once they follow that to the murderer, they know who did it. They don’t need profile testing. Basic stuff like how much circumstantial evidence there is and inconsistencies in their account give them away. They move very swiftly from finding a guy to gathering more on him (often quietly).

  8. @MC
    Presumably the US-ians have departments everywhere that can solve any case, except the really nasty ones, in 45 minutes-ish, and have time for Personal Drama to boot.. It’s on TV, so it must be Real™.. 😉

  9. I can’t recall any widely -known serial killer actually brought down by “profiling” –just old-fashioned police work and Columbo-style noticing little clues that pointed the way.

  10. I remember attending a wedding at which the best man concluded his speech by saying to the bride and groom, then looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, “congratulations, you are now looking at the person most likely to murder you”.

    How we laughed. Inwardly.

  11. The other thing to remember about US-ians is there aren’t many murders.

    Get beyond blacks killing blacks in Democrat cities, and it gets boring quickly.

  12. MC- im a big pob fan, which is to say i know nothing about his history except M&C books which was fiction. As i trawl my brain for notes on the author stuff that mayhave been included I don’t come up with much except maybe he was in the RN at some point. If he wasn’t, it patently doesn’t matter at all to how good the books were.

    Non-fiction author makes stuff up about back story – nearly the same category but if he makes stuff up in his non fiction work-that’s a different category and you know he should be made to walk naked down the champs elysee with everyone shouting shame… if that word even exists in French.

  13. So he used to write books about serial killers? With no experience of them?

    Now he can write books about serial liars. From experience….

  14. ‘An online investigation has exposed French author Stéphane Bourgoin, whose books about serial killers have sold millions of copies in France, as a serial liar.’

    I got the same feeling reading Ken Follett. Even though fiction, his yarns qualified as lies.

    The other thing: resistance fighters were terrorists. I read Follett’s books with the feeling that the Germans are the good guys.

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