This is rather fun

We lived the European dream. Will any politician stand up for open borders?
Alberto Alemanno

A piece about freedom of movement from an Italian called Bert the German.

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  1. We Europeans were sold a dream. We were told that our existence could transcend the geographical boundaries of our native region and nation state.

    How queer. I don’t dream about anyone – except myself.

  2. The man’s Wikipedia page says he has worked extensively in the U.S. as well as in Europe; yet I don’t recall any open borders between the two.

    Also, this: “Alemanno campaigned for plain tobacco packaging” – he can bugger off.

  3. And of course, The Grauniad is utterly distorting if not quite lying: objecting to Denmark closing border with Sweden but not Germany: Sweden’s death rate per million is 384 against 99 for Germany (and 99 for Denmark), infection rate is 3188 against 2139 and 1931. “Sweden’s southern province has a lower infection rate than Copenhagen” is like Nicola Sturgeon should have lifeted lockdown head of England because Caithness has a lower infection rate than London.

  4. Dennis, Offender of Krauts, Frogs and other Wogs

    We Europeans were sold a dream. We were told that our existence could transcend the geographical boundaries of our native region and nation state. That dream actually came true for many of us.

    That’s true enough. It was called lebensraum. But then the Allies came along and defeated Nazi Germany and that come to an end.

    One thing about Europeans… They never saw a bad idea they didn’t love. Oh, and another thing about Europeans… They never learn.

  5. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Letting EU countries re-establish borders was wrong in the first place. Border controls – as well as selective quarantine regimes – reflect an artificial, misleading attempt at resorting to nationality as the dividing line between the healthy and unhealthy. The nation state is not the right geographical or administrative unit with which to counter a virus that is not only borderless, but also doesn’t spread uniformly within any country’s territory.

    Then why pretend that the EU – being by definition both artificial and geographically limited – is the correct administrative unit for combating a global pandemic?

    This is Spud Thinking at its finest.

  6. ‘Will any politician stand up for open borders?’

    What is a politician if not a representative of a government, local, state, or national? He decries nationalism, yet asks for help from a representative of a nation.

    ‘Millions of us built our lives on the promise of free movement.’

    How’d that work out for you, chump?

  7. Dennis, Yet Again

    A famous ‘Merican once observed that the French were “Germans with good food”, so going with ‘Bert the German’ seems to make sense to this septic. He sure as shit sounds like a German.

    It’s hard to figure out which country that famous ‘Merican was attempting to criticize with that statement. Perhaps both.

  8. It’s a neat line, but culturally the French are about as far from the Germans as you can get. But if you want good German food, Alsace is the place to go – choucroute rather than sauerkraut.

  9. Perhaps in the far distant past his ancestors were brought to Italy as slaves from one of the Roman excursions against the Alamanni (seem to have lived in the upper Rhine area according to Wiki).

  10. Letting EU countries re-establish borders was wrong in the first place

    Alberto must love UK then, our border still open and welcoming all, inc illegals with state assistance. Strange BBC not gushing about how welcoming we are

    Exclusive: Farage’s French Illegal Immigrant Escort Ship Also ‘Handed Over’ Pett Level Migrants Last Week
    The French coast guard ship filmed by Brexit leader Nigel Farage escorting illegal migrants into British waters is a regular visitor, its own safety transponder data reveals, and can be proven to have made such missions at least twice in the past week.

    Farage Releases More Footage of French Handover of Illegal Migrants to UK Border Force
    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has released the full version of a video purporting to show the French authorities transferring a boatload of illegal migrants to the UK Border Force in the English Channel.

    Clearly Ms Patel isn’t doing her job. I despair. Really, I do

  11. Wonder if the criminal gangs are also taking a backhander from the police for tipping them off

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